"Strategic Transformation, Innovation Development" HSG Laser 2018 Mid-Summary and Strategic Innovation Seminar


From August 23rd to August 26th, HSG Laser Technology Co., Ltd. held a four days of 2018 mid-summary and strategic innovation seminar. The conference focused on “strategy and innovation”, and the senior management of all major departments of HSG Laser attended the meeting. The meeting summarized the achievements and reflections of the company’s work and operations in the past six months. At the same time, it combined with the market development, formulated and innovated corporate strategies, and started a new journey in the second half of the year.

The meeting was located in Gutian, Fujian. As a holy place for the Chinese revolution, Gutian is the starting point for the Chinese Communist Party to build the party and build the army. At the meeting, the management of all major departments, while rethinking on the work of this year and formulating the strategic goals for the second half of the year, and in-depth experienced and learned revolutionary spirit, and strengthened the determination of strategic reform and enterprise upgrading in the new journey.

Hundred feet pole to make progress, strategic innovation for development.

Since its inception, HSG Laser keep moving forward steadily, bringing products to all area of China and toward global market. From the initial establishment to nowadays, it has set up agency service outlets in over 30 countries, breaking through the global 15,000 units. Along the way, HSG Laser insists on: bold breakthrough, continuous innovation and upgrade of products and services; focus on application research and development, keeping up with market demand, rapid iteration of product upgrades, service and meeting market users’ needs.

Time flies, it has been 12 years, 2018 has passed for half a year, and HSG Laser has achieved fruitful results and gained experience and reflection. At the meeting, the major departments such as marketing, R&D, operation, and customer service respectively summarized and reported the relevant work of this year, and evaluated and reflected on the work of the department in the form of group discussion.

The market is ever-changing and the inherent development strategy will be eliminated by the market. Mr. Chang, General Manager of HSG Laser, stressed that the strategic transformation of sales direction, product development, operational efficiency, talent management and digital factory upgrade is the top priority of HSG Laser’s work in the second half of the year.

HSG future operation mode: the operation management mode with user value as the ”springboard” and ”foothold”

The essence of business management is to create value for users. The research and development and service of all products should be based on users. Creating more value for users is the starting point for HSG Laser’s innovation development. At the same time, strengthen the company’s internal continuous education, set up service assessment, and truly start from the user’s needs and experience, so as to stand on the market trend, to be a mindful enterprise.

Facing the ever-changing market, HSG will focus on user value, customize personalized solutions for users’ differentiated needs, increase investment in R&D, improve the company’s operation management system, and build core competitiveness.

Determine direction decisively, make achievements unswervingly.

After discussion and summary at the meeting, the major departments finally set the direction for the second half of the year and firmly set up work target, and step on the second half of the year with determination of revolution. Aim at the work targets finalized by various departments, all responsible persons have set up the “military orders.” Opportunities outside, self-improvement inside! The firm determination and strict requirements will enable HSG Laser to overcoming all obstacles and create new achievements in the second half of the year.

Ambitious attempt, keep striving. In the future journey, HSG Laser will surely make great progress and create new achievements!