Upgrade technology to stimulate the light of wisdom - HSG Laser Factory Open Day and 12000W Scanning Cutting Promotion Conference


On October 10th, HSG Laser Factory Open Day and 12000W Scanning Cutting Promotion Conference was held in HSG Laser Foshan Headquarters. More than 130 people from all walks of life, including leaders of the industry, guests of sheet metal industry, media friends and representatives of well-known intelligent cooperative enterprises attended the promotion.
Ms. Wang Guiping, President of Guangzhou Sheet Metal Processing Industry Association, Ms. Jian Mei, Secretary General of Shunde Machinery Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Feng Xibin of IPG Photonics (Beijing) Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Mr. Zhang Yunpeng, General Manager of Precitec Precision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr. Liu Lijin, General Manager of Foshan Yu Huang Sheng Metal Co., Ltd. attended the event and delivered a speech.

This factory open day, HSG Laser held a promotion conference with the theme of “High Power Scanning Cutting Technology”, focusing on the present situation of increasingly experiential and individualized demands of the sheet metal processing industry and the laser intelligent manufacturing equipment, It provides users a deep experience of the high-power laser intelligent equipment performance and production for different aspects of user usage and new generation equipment upgrade cutting effect, etc.

Ms. Wang Guiping, President of Guangzhou Sheet Metal Industry Association, said, In China’s laser sheet metal equipment industry, South China, as an important application market, has important significance for laser equipment enterprises. It has always been the main position of laser intelligent equipment and application enterprises. The holding of HSG Laser 12000W Scanning Cutting Promotion Conference is of great significance to the enterprise itself. It is another important breakthrough of HSG Laser in the high-power cutting market. It also has important significance in the sheet metal industry, providing the sheet metal industry with more processing options and higher processing efficiency options.

Jane Mei, Secretary General of Shunde Machinery Chamber of Commerce mentioned that this year should be a tough year for the mechanical equipment industry. HSG Laser is still heading for the market environment with increasing global trade uncertainty, and it is recognized for its strong growth. Subsequently, Secretary General Jane gave hope to HSG Laser: HSG Laser is the fastest-growing enterprise in Shunde’s machinery and equipment industry in recent years. It is the third largest machinery manufacturing enterprise in Shunde District, and hopes that HSG Laser will go all the way and contribute more to thedevelopment of advanced equipment manufacturing industry in Shunde District and even Guangdong Province.

HSG Laser Strategic Partner – the world’s leading laser generator developer IPG Photonics (Beijing) Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd., Precitec Precision Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and HSG Laser customer representatives also delivered a speech to congratulate this event and proposed the common development of the upstream and downstream industries to jointly explore the new situation of China’s laser manufacturing industry.

During the event, Mr. Zhang Hongtao, Director of Laser Technology of HSG Laser, gave a live demonstration and detailed explanation of HSG Laser’s new 12000W high-power scanning cutting technology. He shared the technical highlights of HSG Laser’s third-generation G4020H high-power fiber laser cutting machine.

At the event site, the third generation G4020H high-power fiber laser cutting machine was on-site demonstration, showing the charm brought by the technology upgrade: cutting efficiency, the breakthrough of speed and thickness, achieving carbon steel and stainless steel 50mm fine cutting, every minute 900 small round high-speed cutting, attracted the attention of the guests and users. The innovative damper structure design, partitioned wind and dust removal, bring high-quality experience such as cutting smokeless, exhausting zero noise; intelligent monitoring and visual prediction function to save more irregular remainder materials attracts the attention of many guests. After the experience, the user orders the high-power equipment of the favorite, enhances the production level of the enterprise, and seizes the market opportunity.

The popularization and promotion of high-power scanning cutting technology is another major step for HSG Laser and the vast number of users to enter into intelligent manufacturing. In the future, HSG Laser will continue to innovate and stimulate the wisdom of science with technological upgrading.