HSG LASER appeared 2016 SIMM shenzhen machinery exhibition 2016

Source:HSG LASER | 4/5/2016

With industry 4.0 looming, industrial automation, robots have become an indispensable part of modern manufacturing. Why called industry 4.0 is based on the division of different stages of the industrial development, in accordance with the current consensus, industrial 1.0 is steam engine era, industrial 2.0 is electrified period, industrial 3.0 is information age, the industrial 4.0 is to use information technology to promote industrial era of change, namely intelligent era.

From 3.29 SIMM shenzhen machinery exhibition 2016 continued the usual strong line-up, exhibition enable shenzhen conference and exhibition center, exhibition area of 110000 square meters. As the direction SIMM to professional and international, tried to show intelligent manufacturing panoramic, make 4.0 panoramic view of the future manufacturing industry, 4.0 written legend for Chinese manufacturing industry.

To cope with the theme of“made in China, industrial 4.0“,HSG LASER had bring the hot star latest product,high speed fiber laser cutting machine with full protective cover HS-G3015H,1000-3000W full-protection and high-speed fiber laser cutting machine HS-G3015A,Sheets and pipes fiber laser cutting machine HS-M3015BF60,1000-3000W single-table and high-speed fiber laser cutting machine HS-G3015C,Professional 5-axis laser cutting machine for pipe HS-TP60,Professional laser tube cutting machine HS-B60.

Following is the exhibition scene,