HSG LASER visited German WITTENSTEIN AG and Rexroth

Source:HSG LASER | 6/20/2015

June 19th,2015 the manager and other leaders of HSG LASER had visited German WITTENSTEIN AG ---- Manufacturer of alpha and Rexroth.

German witten Stan group (WITTENSTEIN AG) is the European electromechanical integrated drive cutting-edge technology development manufacturers. WITTENSTEIN alpha products in the field of mechanical engineering and drive system set up the new global standards. Alpha precision gear box, special servo motor and motion control technology, electromechanical integrated drive concept is superb performance. Alpha reducer is one of the important parts of our fiber laser cutting machine. Alpha reducer for high-end and high precision.
June 22nd had gone to Germany Rexroth operating headquarters bisoprolol. Rexroth company was founded in 1795, Bosch automation technology with the original Rexroth company merged with Bosch Rexroth company in 2001, is a wholly owned the Bosch group. Rexroth provide industrial hydraulics, electric drives and controls, 
linear motion and assembly technology, pneumatic, hydraulic mechanical transmission services, and walking hydraulic transmission and control of the solution. In the last 50 years, Bosch Rexroth Rexroth in the international market of hydraulic and transmission technology has been in a leading position.