"Intelligence" and "Quality" coexist, welcome "Quality of China" trend: China's first 5-axis automatic cutting production line, debut 2017 SIMM

Source:HSG LASER | 4/3/2017

March 29th - April 1st, South China's high-profile manufacturing event - the 18th Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM 2017) held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center grand.

Focus on "Intelligence manufacturing", in line with the exhibition organizers and the Shenzhen Institute of measurement and quality measurement jointly build "Quality China” series of activities, HSG laser brought the 1st independent research and development of the 5-axis automatic pipe cutting production line HS-TP60A to SIMM. Lots of orders are confirmed during the exhibition.

HS-TP60A is for all types of pipe processing:

5-axis linkage flexible production line shows the entire automated production process from pipe to the product: starting from the automatic loading and unloading, according to different pipes and products using professional cutting method to process, through the positioning output, to the bending and laser welding process with uploading double-position, and finally by the pallet conveyor chain into the laser cleaning process.

3-dimensional 5-axis cutting head can achieve groove cutting, groove angle up to ± 45 °, swing the maximum angle of ± 135 °. The cutting head with automatic zoom function, electromagnetic coupling anti-collision function and collimator three-dimensional adjustment device.

Equipment control cabinet equipped with Siemens Electric to develop intelligent control system to achieve through the mobile phone, computer and other terminal equipment monitoring the production line processing output, production capacity, processing time and speed and other production wherever and whenever.

Because TP60A has tube support and following function, while the follower acceleration reaching 1G, the pallet holder can react with the shape of the pipe automatically to ensure that the pipe will not affect the cutting precision because of the bending.

Seeking automatic compensation function, through the capacitive sensor range, accurately find the edge of the pipe edge, automatic compensation and straightening pipe diameter and work piece when the deviation generated, the cutting center will always remain in the center of the pipe.

For clients who need professional pipe cutting,

HSG Laser offers a range of intelligent machining solutions:

HSG laser continue to inject new value to our own products, which is the same as the 2017 SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition "Quality China" concept. Consumers are the consumer demand from the past simple food and clothing stage, to upgrade to the current pursuit of quality stage. However some domestic manufacturers’ vicious competition has led to blind pursuit of low prices, and ultimately reduce the output of the product standards. Lots of the consumer has strong consumption capacity but they cannot find high-quality products in Chinese market. This will lead many people are willing to buy machine from international brand and slowly formed the "Made in Germany or USA" complex.

So "Made in China", cannot be just in the low-end and cheap synonymous any longer. "Made in China" has never been stop to go for quality. Made in China is facing a "quality revolution", in this increasingly turbulent tide, who walk in the front, who will be able to win. HSG Laser has been committed to the laser industry to create high-quality cycle of the whole ecological chain, an effective solution to the laser industry in the process of intelligent transformation of the difficulties, so that customers and downstream enterprises have enough profits for consumers to develop and provide high quality standard products.

To complete the “quality revolution" of "Made in China", in the final analysis is relying on Premier Li Keqiang again and again to emphasize the entrepreneurial spirit and artisan spirit. There is the former, only the system of continuous innovation; the latter, have the product of excellence.

HSG laser is on the road through continuous adherence to independent innovation in this revolution, and keep injecting the products and services into the value constantly, improve product quality and standards, from the root to improve the quality of consumer demand, helping China to complete the transformation of manufacturing transformation. This will help Made in China to go out of the country, so the world can know more about and love “Intelligence Made in China”.