LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2017 | HSG Laser: Providing customers with the most suitable laser solutions

Source:HSG LASER | 3/17/2017

As Asia's leading of laser and optoelectronics industry exhibition, the 12th session of LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA 2017 in Shanghai, accompanied by domestic and foreign exhibitors and buyers highly praised, perfect ended yesterday afternoon.


The Expo lasted for three days: March 14 - March 16. HSG laser provided three sets of laser application solutions: 1. Full-Protection Sheet & Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine; 2. Professional fiber laser tube cutting machine; 3.Fiber laser welding machine. Since its establishment in 2006, HSG Laser has been focused on the laser cutting industry. While the laser welding part is with the customer needs to improve, combined with the Chinese market situation and gradually introduced.

"Made in China 2025" will be intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, to promote the manufacturing process intelligent. "Made in China 2025" strategic description of the future of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading, from the low-end into the high-end development plan.


China's manufacturing is constantly moving to the world, market competition, product performance, manufacturing process requirements are getting higher and higher. In the field of laser processing, high-precision, highly flexible system solutions are new trends, and HSG laser in a variety of laser processing integration of flexible system solutions have been efforts, such as how to make the robot in laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning And other processes to achieve flexible production; flexible production unit of digital programming, robot automatic transport and detection.

Flexible laser application solution is actually "cloud computing, large data, Internet of things" and other "Internet +" emerging technology and modern manufacturing efficient integration. The use of flexible robot laser processing system can achieve a more flexible production and personalized custom. The use of flexible robots laser cutting system is through the digital programming by the robot for different products and different locations for processing, greatly reducing the mold design time and mold manufacturing costs and significant reduction in large-scale requirements, and these are to deal with personalized new solution.


In the exhibition, HSG laser brought the laser processing solution which is widely used in metal kitchen utensils, bathroom, car body and parts, new energy lithium batteries, precision metal machinery, electronic appliances, aerospace shipbuilding, research institutes And other industries. At the same time with the industry intelligent equipment companies to exchange laser research and development technology, work together to promote laser system solutions, so that laser manufacturing in China to do more efforts and contributions.