HSG Laser 2014 travering in Yangjiang

Source:HSG LASER | 8/7/2014

To embody humanistic care spirit, further promote the company enterprise culture construction, form a good enterprise centripetal force and cohesion, and at the same time in order to enrich employees' spare life, alleviate the pressure of work, strengthen our team consciousness. On August 16, 17, 2014, the company all staff memder to grilled bay, kaiping, guangdong yangjiang sand town to swim.

The tourism first stop was grilled bay, yangjiang sand sand sand steak grilled bay area is located in yangjiang Yang west county town, has "the maldives China," said, wang hill, north of headrest beautiful face to the depths of the south China sea, including grilled sand beach, its crescent, green islands and attractions such as bias ridge. Grilled bay sand mountain, rich in tourism resources, unique landscape level. The gulf for up to 3 km, 2 km long beach, long 200 meters wide, gentle slope, the entire bay beach in spiral arc, like the moon floats in the south China sea. Things on both sides of a rocky mountain headland vault, the pictographic modelling is numerous, forested, beach water quality pure, gentle slope, sandy clean.
  Tourism is the second leg of guzhen town, kaiping, guangdong, guangdong dike west road in the town of known as amorous feelings street, the road shops well-preserved architectural style, full of the flavor of the 1920 s. Early return, the local overseas Chinese to foreign architectural drawings and integration of local traditional architecture style, built a batch of match well of Chinese and western buildings. Its features mainly embodies in the top of the building. Common characteristics of the lingnan area in the town of guangdong, dike west road, is no exception. According to the statistics, guangdong town a total of 3 kilometers, about 600 houses.
The collective tourism, the staff not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, cheerful the soul, edify sentiment, also increase the cohesion of the staff, sense of honor and sense of belonging. We feel the love and care for employees, said to be more full of enthusiasm, more good state into work, and better to achieve company goal.