“Laser plus Change the Future” - Hongshan Laser 2017 Annual Summary Commendation Ceremony and 2018 Spring Festival Gala

Source:HSG LASER, Laser Cutting Machine, Fiber Laser Cutting Machine | 2/5/2018

Reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, on February 4, 2018, ”Laser plus Change the Future” - Hongshan Laser 2017 Annual Summary Commendation and 2018 Spring Festival Gala was held at Shunfeng Villa, Foshan. More than 500 employees of the Company gathered together to review work done in 2017 and looking forward to prosperity in 2018, in the meantime, outstanding staff and advanced individuals of all departments were honored.


Review the Past

In 2017, the Company realized a sales volume of 1 billion Yuan due to the unremitting efforts of our staff, and it gradually develops from small-sized enterprise into a leading enterprise in segmentation in laser processing field of China, becoming the third largest machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise in Shunde District.


Look Forward to the Future

In 2018, we will usher in the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up of China, we will closely follow the pace of the times and shoulder the important task of promoting China’s manufacturing industry to export overseas and upgrading and restructuring of traditional industries, and we will continue to think hard of leading the smart laser equipment industry technological innovation and breakthroughs. As Continuous change and self-renewal is the gene for development, the Company will develop rapidly to continue to create new glory.


Awarded Honors

In order to show gratitude to employees’ hard work in the past year, the Company presented 15 awards including Excellent Sales Newbie, Domestic And Overseas Sales Champions, Excellent Sales Manager, Excellent Newbie Award, Management Progress Award, Excellent Employee Awards, Excellent Key Employee Award, Excellent Department Award, Excellent Management Award, Excellent Technology Award, Management Contribution Award, Technology Innovation Award, Technology Contribution Award and the like, a total of 134 employees won the aforesaid awards.


Show Graceful Bearing

At Hongshan Laser Spring Festival Gala, its employees took off their daily uniforms and put on performance clothes to show their individual graceful bearings and talent.





Establishment of Mutual Aid Foundation

In order to carry forward the traditional virtues such as “when difficulties arise in one place, aid comes from everywhere”, and show the family-style warmth of the Company, help the employees suffered from difficulties timely solve the special difficulties they encounter in their lives, “Hongshan Laser Employee Mutual Aid Foundation” was officially established at the annual meeting, where the Company donated RMB500000 as the start-up capital.


As an indispensable and advanced tool for industrial processing, laser is changing the industry, changing the world and changing the future from single machine to production line, from production line to automated production unit, and then to fully realizing intelligent unmanned factory. Hongshan Laser is sparing no effort in the path of pushing Industry 4.0 and China’s Manufacturing 2025 and provides the most suitable machining solution for customers’ demands.

2017 has passed by;

Everyone has changed a little in the past year;

There are a lot of sweat, tears, pains as well as joys behind such changes.

This is the best time as well as times with the fastest rhymes;

As long as we insist; as long as we work hard; as long as we make arduous efforts; times will not disappoint us.

Our prospect in 2018 will be more and more powerful, more and more wonderful.