China Machine Tool Industry Association visited HSG Laser


On the morning of June 12th, six members of the China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Association visited the HSG laser and guided work under the leadership of Secretary Wang Liming. The experts leaders of the association visited the company’s exhibition hall one after another. The three production bases, high-power, low-power, and pipe cutting automation, conducted in-depth communication on laser processing equipment and market conditions, providing corresponding suggestions for the promotion and lean production of HSG laser products.

The two parties conducted detailed communication on topics of concern such as Industry 4.0, China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, and development of key parts and components, and jointly discussed good solutions and ideas for the development of the Chinese machine tool industry and manufacturing industry.

Secretary-General Wang Liming expressed his full affirmation of HSG laser product innovation and rapid enterprise development. He expressed surprise at HSG Laser’s strong research and development capabilities and production capabilities. He also hopes that HSG Laser will keep its efforts to continue its technological innovation and product upgrade during rapid change and development industry, and strive to play a greater role in the laser equipment manufacturing industry and even China’s machinery and equipment industry.

HSG laser general manager Chang Zong and experts live communication

Shao Qinzuo, Senior Consultant of China Machine Tool Industry Association, Zhou Minsen, Project Director of the Association’s Marketing Department, Xie Tao, Director of the Association’s Exhibition Department, Xiao Ming, Secretary-General of the Association’s CNC System Sub-committee, and Wang Moyang, Project Director of the Association’s Exhibition Department also come visit us together.

Association experts examine auto seat production line

Association experts examine boom-type cutting and welding robots