CNC bending machine

Oil-electric hybrid drive system: Flexible switching of high/low speed production mode according to workload and process requirements, easy to customize production schedule.

The rear gauge system

The standard of the rear gauge block is: 2 automatic, 2 manual fixed (100T or more)
System control axis number: 6+1, D1.D2.Y1.Y2.L.Z.CC
High speed rear gauge blocks.
・L axis: 30m/min
・Y axis: 100m/min
・Z axis: 20m/min
High precision positioning.
・L axis: ±0.01mm
・Y axis: ±0.1mm
・Z axis: ±0.1mm

Hybrid drive system

High-precision bidirectional closed-loop AC servo drives bi-directional oil pump drive
Descending speed: 200mm/s
・Bending speed: 0.2-50 mm/s
・Ascending speed: 200mm/s
・Opening height: 420mm
・Stroke: 200mm

3D control system

15-inch touch screen, support for 3D graphics programming and 3D bending step simulation.
Support dxf file workpiece import, directly generate 3D program.
Standard 6+1 axis, powerful functions.
Support electro-hydraulic, all-electric servo and servo pump control, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Newly designed high rigidity rack

Structural analysis to design the most suitable frame structure shape
After increasing the rigidity, it can realize:
・Thick plate processing
・Stamping processing
・ Improve full-length accuracy


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