Equipment downtime notes during holidays


When the holiday is coming, the equipment is to stop production, at this time  equipment protection can not be ignored. Let’s spend a few minutes together in learning equipment downtime notes during holidays, and do a good job of equipment downtime protection according to the following guidelines!

  1. If the environment temperature is below zero, then it is recommended to add special antifreeze with professional brands:

In order to do better protection, we mainly recommend users with an environment temperature below zero to add a special brand of antifreeze for the equipment. At this time, the proportion of antifreeze added is recommended to account for 25% -30% of the water tank volume (not more than 30%), to avoid freezing damage of laser, water chiller, cutting head and other parts during the Spring Festival, and causing unnecessary losses.

◆ It is recommended to use the special antifreeze of CLARIANT brand. There are two models for antifreeze in laser system:

1) Antifrogen® N ethylene glycol-water type (industrial products, toxic to human body)

2) Antifrogen® L propylene glycol-water type (food grade, harmless to human body)

  1. For users who have not added antifreeze, you can do like this:

For users who have not added antifreeze, we recommend that the cooling water of the equipment to be completely drained to prevent the possibility of icing. The specific method is as follows:

 First step:

  1. Open the drain valve on the bottom of the water chiller, drain all the cooling water in the water chiller and keep the valve open.
  2. Generally, the drain valve is at the bottom of the water chiller. If you can not find it, you need to open the side cover of the water chiller, find the internal drain valve door, or contact the relevant customer service staff or send the serial number and problem to the email for help.

Second step

  1. Disconnect all the inlet and outlet pipes of the water chiller, and blow the outlet pipe with 0.4Mpa air pressure. Keeping blowing for ten minutes,then the cooling water in the water pipe is completely dried.
  2. Note: Remember to mark before disconnecting the water pipe in case of making the inlet and outlet pipes wrong when reinstalling.

Third step:

  1. Use a special wrench to disassemble all the filter bowls attached to or in the water chiller. Pour the water out from filter bowls, remove filters and drain them, then replace filters and reinstall filter bowls.
  2. Note: There is a seal ring in filter bowls, which must not be damaged when disassembling and reinstalling.

Fourth step:

  1. Unscrew the plug on the water chiller pump head and drain the water from the pump head to prevent freezing damage.
  2. There are two types of pump heads, one plug for the square type pump head and two plugs for round type pump head. Unscrew all the plugs, blow and dry them with 0.4Mpa pressure, then reinstall.

 Fifth step:

After draining the cooling water, connect the the circulation line of the water chiller in turn according to the mark when disassembling, and close the drian valve to finish all the operations.