From Brazil, Germany to the US FABTECH, see how HSG shines!


On November 11, 2019, the annual FABTECH American International Metalworking and Welding Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as FABTECH) was grandly opened in Chicago. HSG has turned to the United States at the same time after the TUBOTECH São Paulo International Pipeline Exhibition in Brazil and the BLECHEXPO sheet metal processing exhibition in Germany. HSG attended FABTECH 2019, a professional feast for international welding and metal forming and manufacturing.

In this golden autumn with plenty good news, HSG has attracted the attention of many overseas industry users in Fabtech. This time, HSG brought a new generation of G4020H high-power fiber laser cutting machine and TS65 automatic tubes fiber laser cutting machine. The two equipment specialize in their fields. The field technicians won the customers’ great recognition by their unique advantages, caring service and professional explanation.

As a new generation of high-power fiber laser cutting equipment, G4020H not only adheres to the strict quality of high-precision cutting standards for multi-material thick plates such as 70mm thick stainless steel and 60mm thick carbon steel, but also pursues the upgrade of the efficiency and stability of the whole machine. TS65 automatic tube fiber laser cutting machine focuses on the difficult and complex processing of various tubes of 12-254mm diameter.

All users that came to the exhibition site can get professional technical communication and the guidance matching equipment and explain in detail regardless of the requirements of sheet metal processing or pipe processing. Although the ordering of the equipment needs to be crossed sea, this is my third time to re-purchase HSG equipment. Currently I have 2 sets of plate cutting machines and 1 set of pipe cutting machine. I am ordering a new machine and come here with my friend. I recommended him to inspect the equipment of HSG.” Solid technical research and development and intimate after-sales service have won the full recognition and support of old users. The old users of repurchase equipment praised HSG and introduced friends from around the industry to visit the site.

Many invitations to FABTECH were unveiled, highlighting HSG’s technological superiority in the laser smart equipment industry and its keen insight into the processing and demand of sheet metal industry users. HSG will continue to focus on the research and development of laser intelligent equipment, and integrate more advanced, intelligent and personalized technologies into the products and equipment to provide users with more customized advanced intelligent equipment, together with the sheet metal forming industry and the laser application industry. The progress and innovation of laser intelligent equipment is working hard to meet a better future.