Laser galvanometer welding machine


Laser Galvanometer Welding Machine is mainly composed by protective cabin, operation bench, welding robot, galvanometer welding head, exhaust blower and double movable table. Together with camera system, it could recognize the welding gap automatically without repeatable programming with high efficiency.

Vision Positioning Function

Before welding, the processing area is photographed, the position of the weld is identified by the image, and compared with the welding track. If there is deviation, the welding track is automatically positioned to the actual weld position. Lower the accuracy requirements for fixture clamping.

Image Programming Features

After taking photo of the processing area, the weld position is drawn on the image by the line to generate the welding track program, which shortens the teaching programming time.

Double Stations Design

With double-station design, two stations process continuously, greatly reduces the production cycle and improves production efficiency.

2D Galvanometric Scanner

Advanced 2D galvanometric scanner is used with graphic programming and vision localization function which could automatically recognize welding gap position.

Vision launching principle:

Get image from galvanometer.
Draw outline of the object.
Process laser into the accurate position.


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