Exchangable table metal sheet and tube cutting machine




Processing area


Laser power


Max. moving speed


Max. acc. Speed


Positioning accuracy


Reposition accuracy


Whole machine weight


Machine dimensions

upper and lower exchangeable table

upper and lower exchangeable table, shorten the standby time, the drawer-type material collecting device allows more convenient collection, effectively improve the efficiency of more than 50%.Equipped with an interchangeable table, the G3015E fiber laser cutting machine can process both metal sheets and tubes.

Machine body

Equipped with a high-low exchange platform, this laser cutting machine operates more efficiency due to the short exchange period of only 15 seconds.
The metal bed on this cutter has undergone a heat treatment of 600°C and is cooled inside the furnace afterwards for 24 hours. After it has cooled, it is processed using a plano milling machine and welded using carbon dioxide. This gives the cutter its strength and service life of 20 years.


European standard design, every detail is perfect, the console, suspension lamp design, stainless steel edging, we will create industrial products with the requirements of luxury goods.

“Double-W” rotation cutting

“Double-W” rotation cutting 6-meter-long pipes is no longer limited to the slenderness ratio of 60:1

Automatic Drift Correction Function

The convenience of operation: automatic drift correction function, automatic tube center finding function, very smart, convenient and practical.

Full cover is optional

Manual rolling door

Full cover is optional

Electric door


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