Everybody Attention! The device usage focus you may not have noticed!


This time, let’s take a look at some of key issues in device use that you may not have noticed!

About the safe use of laser cutting equipment:

  1. In laser processing, the fiber laser may damage the retina of the eye. Since the wavelength of the fiber laser is extremely high in the transmittance of the eye, the damage is also greater. Therefore, laser protective glasses must be worn during the adjustment of the laser and operation!

How to choose the right laser protective goggles?

Select according to the characteristics of the laser: the output wavelength and power of the laser. The safety glasses that are equipped when purchasing equipment are all selected according to the laser of the equipment. Do not use ordinary sunglasses or other online shopping goggles to replace!

Select according to Optical Density (OD): the larger the OD value, the stronger the protective ability of the laser protective goggles.

Pay attention to the visible light transmittance of the protective goggles Visible Light Transmittance (VLT): Do not purchase protective goggles with VLT values below 20% (laser protective goggles need to be used in a well-lit environment, too dark environment affects visual clarity). )

Select the size of the goggles: Choose the appropriate goggle size according to whether the wearer wears myopia or their facial contours to improve the wearing comfort.

  1. Each laser generator has an emergency stop button on the front cover. When an emergency such as a device failure occurs, we should press the emergency stop button to disconnect all electrical loads.
  1. The safety door of the equipment can prevent the reflection of laser radiation, the splash of material during cutting, the danger of rolling of moving parts, and the danger of collision caused by the cutting of pipe parts, etc.. Therefore, the safety door must be locked before the equipment starts to operate, and no one should stay in the processing area inside the safety door!
  1. Laser irradiation to any part of the human body can cause burns. Therefore, we must operate safely to avoid erroneous operation or place any part of the body in the flying light path of the laser device, causing human injury.

Water requirements for laser cutting equipment:

  1. The equipment chiller needs to replace the cooling water once a month and replace the filter element every three months.
  2. The choice of cooling water: distilled water contains very little minerals, long-term water circulation produces very little scale, which plays a very good role in the internal protection of the laser. Therefore, the cooling water must use deionized water or distilled water. We recommends using Watson’s distilled water (choose green bottle type).
  3. Remind that every time you change the water, we need to pay attention to emptying the cooling water in the water tank and then adding new cooling water!
  4. If the distilled water and filter element are not replaced on time, the water circuit of the chiller will be blocked, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment and affect the service life of the equipment. This must be kept in mind!

Anti-freeze maintenance requirements of laser:

  1. Antifreeze fluid must be used when the environment in which the equipment is used is often power cut and there is no conditions for daily coolant drainage. The antifreeze fluid should be used in an amount of 10%-20% of the tank volume and should not exceed 20%.

How to choose antifreeze fluid?

Ingredients for antifreeze: The base fluid for antifreeze is generally composed of alcohol and water. Take high boiling point and flash point, high specific heat and conductivity, low temperature viscosity, not easy to bubble, not corrosive metal rubber hose as the standard. When selecting or blending antifreeze, it should be noted that the freezing point should be 5 °C lower than the lowest temperature in the environment.

Use special antifreeze of professional brand. It is recommended to select the antifreeze for laser systems in the following two models:

1) Antifrogen®N Ethylene glycol – water (industrial products, toxic to human body)

2) Antifrogen®NL Propanediol – water (food grade, harmless to humans)

  1. Any antifreeze can not replace deionized water, can not be used for a long time throughout the year. Remember to wash the tubing with deionized or purified water after the winter and return to using deionized or distilled water as cooling water!

Gas requirements for laser cutting equipment:

  1. Oxygen: liquid oxygen (high pressure liquid bottle withstand pressure of 4.5MPA) is required. Must add a vaporizer (pressure resistance: 4.5MPA, flow rate: 1 cubic meter/minute, output pressure: 2.0MPA) must be added to raise the liquid state to a normal temperature. The purity of oxygen must be guaranteed (greater than or equal to) 99.6%. The welded oxygen transport steel pipe must be cleaned before connecting the internal pipe of the machine.
  1. Nitrogen: using liquid nitrogen (high pressure liquid bottle withstand pressure 4.5MPA), must add a vaporizer (withstand pressure 4.5MPA, flow: 2.5 cubic meters / minute, output pressure: 3.0MPA) to raise the liquid to normal temperature. The purity of nitrogen must be guaranteed (greater than or equal to) 99.99%. The welded nitrogen pipe must be cleaned before connecting the internal pipe of the machine.
  1. Air: the use of high-pressure air for cutting plates, must ensure that the cutting air is oil-free, water-free, dust-free, air compressors need to be equipped with a cold dryer and a three-stage filter. Depending on the laser power and the thickness of the cut sheet, an air compressor of 1.6 MPa or 3.0 MPa can be selected. The flow rate of the air compressor is greater than 1 cubic/minute.
  1. Do not use oxygen instead of the air that drives the cylinder. When the oxygen is feeding into the pipe of the cylinder of the workbench, the spark splashing during the process of the equipment operation will easily cause the pipe to be burnt. In severe cases, it will cause fire.
  2. The air pressure of the driving cylinder must be less than 1MPA, otherwise the air pipe will blast because it can not withstand the gas pressure.

Requirements for mechanical maintenance:

Recently, we found that many users who have used the device for more than half a year have begun to have a non-circular cutting or machine shaking phenomenon. The reason for this is that the equipment is lack of maintenance or the use of lubricating oil is incorrect.

  1. Regarding the frequency of equipment maintenance, it is routine to clean once a week and add oil as the standard. If the processing volume is large, depending on the amount of processing to increase the number of maintenance
  2. Recommended selection of lubricating oil: MOBIL gear oil 85W-140.