How to Choose The Right Consumable Part?


High-quality laser cutting equipment brings high efficiency to production and processing. Equiped with a high-quality equipment, you need to have the right accessories and consumable part.

The equipment and purchase of consumables affect the operational efficiency, the quality of processing and service life of the equipment. How to equip and purchase consumables among many categories in the market? Let’s figure it out in The HSG Encyclopedia.

Today, we will study about the 4 commonly used consumables.

Protective Lens


How serious is the damage of the inferior protective lens?


In the process of repairing machines for many users, Mr.HSG usually finds the following problems caused by using low-quality protective lens.

> Drawer of protective mirror burned out

> Dust inhalation of the equipment cavity

> Focusing lens burnout


How to identify poor quality protection lens?


> Poor light transmittance

> Bad heat resistant

> Fragile and easy to break



Is there great difference between different nozzle


Yes, the first problem with mismatched nozzles is that they are bought in different sizes and cannot be installed. Sometime even if it can be installed, the different thickness of the nozzle will cause headaching problem. The dismatch of the current parameters of the equipment and the installed nozzle will resulting in chaotic operation and failure to work normally.

The point needs to be emphasized:

Unique nozzles are required regarding the model of the device. Having the same name doesn’t means it is substitutable! The advantages and disadvantages of nozzle work will directly affect the cutting quality of the equipment. For example, the mouth of a non-original inferior nozzle is not round, this will result in slag during cutting.


What to pay attention to when purhasing a replacing nozzle


> The nozzle has a high degree of concentricity(High-quality nozzles are with“Three Holes Concentric”)

> The thickness of the nozzle is the same as the original

> The size of the nozzle is the same as the original

> High-quality copper nozzles will better ensuring the cutting quality to be the same as original.

Ceramics Rings


Three major hazards of inferior ceramic rings


> Will result in unstable signal transmission, and unable to accurately sensed the distance between the cutting head and the sheet metal during the cutting process. Causing waste of sheet metal material, and damage the cutting head.

  > Shorter working life, bad ceramic ring is easy to crack, causing frequent replacement and lead to higher procurement cost.

  > The adhesive used is with poor quality, and it will lead to crack of the metal pieces used to fixed the ceramic body, causing frequent replacement and lead to higher procurement cost.


Why choosing ceramic rings with higher quality?


High sensitivity and stable signal transmission.

Better heat resistant and high temperature resistant, the adhesive is more stable.

Filter Element


Why is it important to choose the right filter element for water chiller


Filter element include ion filter and wire wound filter, the main functionof them is to filter the impurities and ions of the water in the tank to ensure the stable use of the laser source. High-quality filter elements will reduce laser light decay and increase the working life of the laser source.

Indeed, the improper selection and low quality of accessories will affect all aspects of equipment operation. Therefore, we must strictly control the purchase of accessories for equipment. Choosing high-quality original authenticity will help you to avoid the problems of equipment damage caused by poor quality of accessories, poor operation and processing effects, etc., having the right attitude in choosing right accessories and consumable parts will give yourself a high-quality production experience.