The competitive experience between beams of light | HSG FABTECH MEXICO 2019 Spotted


On May 7th, the 2019 Mexico International Metalworking and Welding Exhibition (FABTECH MEXICO 2019) opened at the AC International Business Center in Monterrey. As one of the countries with a high level of economic development in Latin America, Mexico ranks first in the world’s largest cities and is an important country for economic and trade exchanges in North America and Latin America.

At the exhibition FABTECH MEXICO 2019, HSG Laser brought the competition experience between the beams to the users. The HS-TM30 mini-tube no burn marks professional tube laser cutting machine and the HS-G3015X elegant European design sheet fiber laser cutting machine, both devices show their respective characteristics and advantages.

At the exhibition site, HSG Laser booth has attracted the attention of many users. G3015X European version of the elegant fiber laser cutting machine in the realization of efficient and stable cutting, to provide users with high-quality sheet metal processing experience, with its international high standard security protection design, small and convenient machine body, winning the user’s favor.

G3015X model inherits the mature research and development of HSG Laser sheet cutting equipment products, and integrates advanced high technology. It uses a number of high-precision technologies to provide high-quality guarantee for users’ various processing needs. The unique small machine body greatly reduces the transportation cost and solves the huge sea freight problem. The whole machine can be packed in one 40HQ container, which is saving cost of transportation and saving place of workshop for users. In addition, the G3015X’s fully enclosed protection design is matched with OD5 grade fiber optic protection glass, which upgrades the operator’s safety level. The independent electric cabinet design makes the operation of the equipment more stable, and at the same time avoids the safety hazard of the operator during the maintenance process.

The TM30 professional tube laser cutting machine with ultra small tube seamless cutting technology overcomes the technical problems of cutting small tubes, and also makes new and old users who come to watch the exhibition can not help but praise. Equipped with HSG’s innovative precision cutting head and height sensor, the TM30 is designed for high-precision, non-marking of cutting 10-100mm round tubes, 10×10-70x70mm square tubes, rectangular tubes, D-tubes, hexagons, etc. With international advanced and precise calculation method, the all-intelligent digital pneumatic chucks can automatically monitors the clamping, self-centering and auto adjusting the clamping force, so that the cutting process saves time and worry. The follow-up support of the “two kinds of supports” advantage effectively avoids the turbulence of the tube during high-speed cutting and loading and unloading, can achieve high-precision cutting of ultra small tube without burning edge, no burning angle and no slag.

The three-day FABTECH MEXICO 2019 exhibition ended, which is a competitive feast among beams. It is also a platform for HSG Laser to discuss and communicate with industry users. The good shows go on, HSG Laser will be exhibiting in Swiss Tech 2019, Swiss Machine Tool Show on May 14-17. Please pay attention to it.