HSG's high-end brand XLase, unveiled at four European exhibitions

17th May, 2019

Along with the wonderful closing of ”FABTECH MEXICO 2019” in Monterrey, Mexico,HSG’s high-end brand XLase is in full swing at four European exhibitions.


From May 14th to May 18th, XLase has exhibited in Basel, Switzerland, Bucharest, Romania, Budapest, Hungary, and Milan, Italy. Opening the curtain of four performances on the European stage. Although the four major exhibitions are synchronized,but they have prepared different wonderful things for the visitors from different countries severally. The exhibiting equipment covers professional sheet fiber laser cutting machine and sheet & tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine, providing users with different choices.


Won the industry’s number one sales: HS-G3015A fully enclosed fiber laser cutting machine; Two machines, dual use for tube and sheet, are extremely scalable: HS-G3015E-22Q outer enclosure exchange board tube machine, and HS-G3015B-16Q double drive plate tube integrated laser cutting machine; HS-G1390X European version of the elegant fiber laser cutting machine: Inheriting the mature R&D of HSG sheet cutting equipment products, combining advanced high technology with one, innovative and unique small body design, targetedly solve the huge cost problem of multi-party transportation such as at sea; Each of the four devices has its own merits, showing XLase’s intellectual appeal.

May 14th-17th, Basel, Switzerland  SWISSTECH 2019


May 14th-17th, Romania METAL SHOW


May 14th – 18th Budapest, Hungary MECH-TECH 2019


May 15th – 18th Milan, Italy Lamiera 2019


The four exhibitions continued, and the wonderful appearance of XLase attracted visitors from all over the world. At the same time, it attracted great attention from international counterparts: “In this young brand, I saw the power of accumulation.”

As the high-end HSG European brand, XLase will bring more customized R&D and laser intelligent equipment solutions to European users, with the continuous innovation and exploration of overseas markets, the brilliance of smart brands will be revealing dazzlingly.