Interpretation of the concept of unmanned high efficiency and modern intelligent production - HSG loading and unloading robot conference was held successfully


On September 10, the HSG Laser Loading and Unloading Robot Conference was held at the Foshan headquarters. During the conference, users from various industries came to the scene to see the Smart elegant demeanour of the new loading and unloading robots.

At the conference, Mr. He Yongqiang, the director of HSG Laser research and development, he introduced the practical functions of the equipment in detail and unveiled the equipment together with the users present. The on-site guests expressed their approval for the equipment after experiencing and observing the equipment, and more users requested the equipment on site.

For enterprises, the costs of factory space, production materials and labor have always been important core operating segments. But often these expenditures are not compressed as easily as other operating expenses.

The smart HSG laser automated loading and unloading robot knows more about this. Imported servo drive and precision rack and pinion ensure high-precision stability of its operation; the automation system supports unattended operating cycle, the maximum stacking height reaches 500mm, improves the utilization rate of laser cutting machine, and breaks the limitation of manpower time; Intelligent automatic scheduling of production, reduce the instability of manual work; high strength and light weight of machines body, scientific three-dimensional design guarantees beautiful appearance while greatly saving production space costs.

Director He emphasized that people can process small batches and multiple varieties of parts, and the flexibility of manual operation ensures production efficiency during the day. In the evening, automated equipment adheres to large-volume and high-fixed parts processing, and even unattended production at night. Such scientific production concepts have been circulated in Europe.

Science and technology promote industrial revolution and intelligently upgrade national industries. As a laser automatic loading and unloading robot, the automated operation interprets the concept of unmanned and efficient modern intelligent production.