TX65 Intelligent composite tube laser processing center

5th generation high speed intelligent tube cutting machine, only 17s rapid loading time. The max. running speed is 170m/min. The max. acceleration speed is 1.2G.


φ 12-254mm

Tube diameter

1000W - 4000W

Laser power


Max. moving speed


Max. Acc. Speed

± 0.03mm/m

Positioning accuracy

± 0.03mm

Repositioning accuracy


Machine weight

12500 x 3500 x 2900mm

Overall diamensions

Automatic loading and unloading system

Automatic loading and unloading system includes loading system and unloading system; TX65 automatic loading system is controlled by numerical control system and seamlessly connects with the tube cutting machine. To achieve the entire bundle hoisting tube loading, control system does tube material typesetting intelligently, automatic conveying process, saving labor costs, improve work efficiency of tube cutting machine.


European standard design, every detail is perfect, the console, suspension lamp design, stainless steel edging, we will create industrial products with the requirements of luxury goods.

Speed+ cutting technology

HSG’s unique Speed+ cutting technology, which is 10% more efficient compared to RapidCut and 30% faster than normal cutting.

Bevel cutting

Advance technology, such as, 45-degree groove cutting, heat drilling and tapping function.

Fully new HSGX9500 control system, more humanized operation.

TX65 has an intelligent unmanned operating system specially designed for cutting tubes. It has its own tube material library and integrates 50 kinds of tube splicing processes. It has various tube cutting auxiliary functions such as flattening of tube graphics, providing users with a simple and convenient operation experience.

Digital smart chucks

Equipped with digital smart chucks, TX65 can achieve tube processing full-stroke chuck, no manual adjustment is needed. The intelligent system easily identifies and holds various types of tubes. It has a professional pressure feedback system that automatically adjusts pressure according to various tube diameters and thicknesses, and detects alarms in real time, making production efficient and safe.

Tube cutting capacity

2.Powerful processing ability with wide cutting range: round tubes dia.12-254mm, square tubes with side length 12-200mm. Max loading weight of single tube is 200kg. Channel steel, angel steel, H-type steel and other unusual tubes can be cut.


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