Launching of HSG Laser TL500 heavy duty tube cutting machine


As a high tech enterprise who is dedicated in providing laser intelligent equipment solution for global customers, HSG Laser officially launched heavy duty professional tube cutting machine HS-TL500 on November 15th.

TL500 heavy duty professional tube cutting machine is equipped with digital hydraulic chucks and digital pneumatic chucks specific for long tube and heavy tube. The innovative four-chuck technology application have enabled users to break through the automatic tube precision processing of 12-meter-long tube and 426mm large tube diameter. The debut of the TL500 at the headquarters has attracted widespread attention from users across the country. There were visitors from other provinces coming to the scene regardless of long distance travel, and even visitors from Heilongjiang Province flew from Northern China to Southern China to participate in the launch event.

With the rapid development of the economy and the technology research&development, laser cutting technology has been widely used in the fields of automobiles, machinery, power supply, hardware and electrical appliances, etc. For the super long tube and heavy tube processing, it has always been a conundrum in the tube application industry. After months of research, numerous professional testing and technical reforms, the highly-anticipated TL500 finally debuted. After the introduction of the TM65 mini tube laser cutting machine, TL500 has once again attracted great attention from industry users.

Innovative application of 4 chucks combining hydraulic chucks and pneumatic chucks, the maximum loading weight reaches 1.5 tons, allowing TL500 to intelligently and flexibly cut all kinds of large pipes. It ensures the high efficiency and stability during the tube clamping and the flexible cutting operation, and truly realizes the “0” tube tailing length; the pioneered system integrates 50 kinds of pipe splicing processes; when the bilateral cutting cycle of the equipment is on, dual tubes are cut simultaneously in high efficiency; cutting a single tube up to 12 meters long, etc. … Each outstanding characteristic of TL500 refreshed production experience of the visitors present and won praise from them.

It is worth mentioning that there was a sudden power outage on the event site coincidentally, which highlights the TL500 special function of one-key recovery. Without returning to zero point, the machine can cut from where it stops last time. TL500’s power-off continuous cutting function allows the user to avoid power supply sudden outage in the factory during the cutting operations and resume cutting with one click.

The TL500, which combines a number of excellent performance, was also considered as “the black technology of laser cutting equipment that shocked me mostly of this year” by visitors at the press conference. We believe that the exciting release of this TL500 will help industry users to make great efforts in tube processing operations.

Under the trend of equipment intellectualization in the sheet metal forming industry, the pursuit of fine processing quality, customized equipment research and development, and technological breakthroughs for all types of plates and tubes will be the strategic direction that HSG Laser endeavour to pursue continuously in the future. In addition to metal cutting processing, customization of intelligent production solutions including welding and bending is also a crusade for HSG Laser and the industry as well as the users, where we can pursue greater value. We are hopeful of the promising future.