High-power smooth cutting technology and process(Part 1)


Sheet metal production involves many areas of the manufacturing industry. From the beginning of marking machine, to the present laser cutting machine gradually replaced some plasma cutting, flame cutting and waterjet cutting, sheet metal cutting technology has gone through a tedious and long process. Nowadays, with the development and upgrading of industrial intelligent manufacturing, the finer and burr-free high-power cutting has become the development trend of the industry, and the application of high-power smooth cutting technology based on this is more popular among users in the industry.

What is high-power smooth cutting technology?

The smooth cutting technology can improve the cutting efficiency and cutting precision on the basis of high-power cutting, and achieve higher quality cutting cross-section effects while reducing the energy consumption and workpiece processing costs. It can be said that the study of smooth cutting technology is an advanced step in the practical application of high-power cutting.

Cross-section effect of smooth cutting technology:

Common frosted surface

Half smooth surface 

Pure smooth surface

Pure smooth surface

Specifically, where are the advantages of high-power smooth cutting technology?

1.Extremely rapidly increase the Cutting efficiency

While achieving the best cutting effect of the smooth cutting process, the cutting efficiency has also made a qualitative leap. The most intuitive is to compare the length of the section that can be cut in the same time unit in high power smooth cuts and medium power common cuts. Take the common thickness of carbon steel sheet for high power cutting as an example:

2.Greatly reduce the roughness of cutting taper and section.

There are two problems when cutting thick metal sheets in our daily work: 1. Taper causes shape deformation of the workpiece. 2. The section is very rough and has burrs that require secondary machining for polishing. However the high-power smooth cutting technology can easily solve these problems immediately.

High power bright-face cutting surface taper is 0.05mm/ Common cutting surface taper is 0.42mm.

The minimum taper of the smooth cut can be up to 0.05mm, the cutting section is smooth, and the texture is basically invisible. This is incomparable advantage than common cutting.

3.Greatly reduces cutting energy costs

With a small nozzle, it achieves smooth surface and excellent cutting results  with a lower pressure. However, common cutting requires adjustment of the cutting power and switching of the nozzle into a large-caliber nozzle to complete the same cutting task, and the effect of cutting is still far from the smooth cutting.

In contrast, smooth cutting consumes less oxygen per unit time than common cutting, greatly reducing gas costs, improving cutting quality and reducing production costs.

4.To achieve the cutting of ultra small holes.

Medium and low power common cutting carbon steel plate——The ratio of the small hole processing range is 0.5(Ratio of cut thickness to minimum aperture that can be cut) As the thickness of the sheet increases, the ratio also increases, and there is also instability during the actual cutting process.

High power smooth cutting carbon steel plate——It can ignore instability during the cutting and break through the above ratio limit. As long as it is in the range of the smooth surface cutting, the ratio of the processing range of the small hole can be reduced to about 0.3mm. (Normal steel plate thickness is above 4mm.)

5.To conquer the sharp angle cutting problem

Normally, when cutting right angles, acute angles or sharp angles, it is easy to appear burning deformation, which leads to the unsightly cutting of the workpiece. But the smooth surface cutting can solve the burning problem in the sharp corner cutting, and achieve better cutting effect.

Up to here, I believe that everyone has a preliminary understanding of high-power smoothing technology. So, how to achieve the smooth cutting process?

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