LINGTECH joined hands with HSG LASER to introduce HSG hybrid hydraulic CNC bending machine, successfully breaking through the traditional production mode and creating an automated sheet metal production line.

LINGTECH was established in 2006, as an innovative mechanical system service provider, always insists on providing high-quality sheet metal processing product services and automation equipment development services for world-renowned manufacturers. In September 2019, after various comparisons and reference of company R&D experience, LINGTECH decided to purchase two HSG oil-electric hybrid bending machines HB series at one time for sheet metal processing and manufacturing, precision machining and non- Standard automation equipment development project.

Following strict quality management system and production philosophy, LINGTECH insists on increasing technical investment and introducing advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment to achieve high-quality product output. Whether it is for the production of 5G cabinets, various electric control cabinets, automation equipment chassis or other kinds of racks, the precise design and strict control of the protection level during the processing are the key to achieve the product high tightness . Therefore, in addition to the precise cutting of sheet metal, the angle control of each bending operation is also particularly important for LINGTECG . The HSG HB series bending machine equipped with a hybrid drive system provides high-quality solutions for thin plate processing with difficult bending accuracy or deep bending processing of thick plates, which has become the first choice of LINGTECH.

Innovative high-rigidity structure design HB series bending machine adopts hybrid drive of oil and electricity, equipped with a new post-regulation system, helping users and enterprises to achieve more accurate and high-yield bending operations with less energy.

For thin plate processing——

The HB series hybrid drive system realizes automatic adjustment and improvement of the deflection compensation ability for complex thin plate processing. The left, middle and right angles can be adjusted at the same time when bending and pressing, and combined with the processed products to achieve a safer and more accurate and high-precision bending.

For thick plate processing——

The HB series bending machine adopts high-rigidity frame design, which expands the opening height and machine stroke, also the deep bending processing range at the same time, providing high-quality solutions for all kinds of large-format heavy plates processing.

Simple operation, reduce labor cost——

The HB series bending machine is equipped with a simple 3D bending control system, which supports 3D graphics programming, 3D bending process simulation and workpiece DXF file import and 3D programs, helping operators to easily achieve precise bending, greatly reducing the professional limitations and labor costs.

It is reported that the HSG HB1003 and HB6020 bending machines purchased by LINGTECH this time respectively meet the company's needs for large-format thick plate bending and small and fine workpiece bending, and have been programmed and combined with the robot hand to form an automated sheet metal flexible processing production line, which helps increase LINGTECH's factory production capacity. At present, the two bending machines have been put into LINGTECH's sheet metal processing plants and others non-standard automation development projects, helping LINGTECH to adjust production methods with less investment costs, and achieve intelligent and stable production.