The time went backward by 1460 days. What changes happened in the sheet metal processing market that year?

In 2016, China began to enter the "optical manufacturing" era, laser cutting has been widely used in various industries and gradually develops toward the direction of "large working table, high power, high efficiency". HSG is also the leader of  developing the laser cutting industry, and attracted the attention of the whole industry by officially released the first generation of high-power model GH Series which is at a higher cutting speed of 169m/min and the cutting ability of 30mm thick carbon steel sheet. 

In 2017, HSG launched the second-generation high-power model GH II which peaked the high-power laser cutting, and entered the new era of 10,000-watt cutting. The newly upgraded high-power heavy-duty bed has a more stable structure. The dual motors independently drive the exchange tables move smoothly,and convenient for slag removal, so that users can do long-time thick plates cutting at stable and high speed.

In 2018, the third-generation high-power GH model equipped with the X8500 system independently developed by HSG was launched. The higher cutting speed of 183m/min and acceleration of 2.0G, a safer protection level with fully enclosed design; The observation window adopts OD6+ protective glass; This model redefined the high-power cutting machine, high speed and safety can be achieved at the same time.

In 2019, HSG is constantly innovating in the field of high-power laser cutting. In order to meet the needs of international users, HSG launched the fourth-generation high-power GH model, a newly upgraded national standard exhaust system, to achieve environmentally friendly smokeless cutting; the whole machine passed the EU CE certification, building high standard quality protection; The electric lifting control pannel is suitable for different height of operators. China's quality is shown to users worldwide with craftsmanship.

In the past 1460 days, thousands of users have witnessed the birth and growth of HSG high-power models until they have become our royal customers.

In the past 1460 days, thousands of users have allowed HSG high-power models to constantly evolve and improve day by day and constantly surpassing classics with classics.
This is an unstoppable 1460-day, and it is also the 1460 days that inspired us to move forward.
And our story is continuing.