In the manufacture of metal, many metal products will be covered with film in order to ensure the surface finish, which is what we called metal materials with a film. The typical film covered metal in life has doors and windows, kitchenware, and so on.

The primary purpose of cutting metal with the film is to prevent from cutting by the metal and shape a good looking for metal materials. At present, cutting stainless steel sheet with film by metal sheet laser cutting machine is not a complicated technology. But the laser band of laser cutting machines can only be absorbed by metal, so how to cut metal materials with the film? Details will be introduced in the following content.

To figure out how to cut metal materials with film by metal sheet laser cutting machine, we need to understand the stainless steel protective film. The purpose of filming stainless steel is to protect the processed stainless steel surface during transportation or further production.

According to different classification criteria, there are different stainless steel protective films available on the market:

1. Classification by material: PVC film, PE film, PET film, etc.

2. Classification by usage: laser film, stretch film, color plate bottom film, ordinary stainless steel protective film, etc.

3. Classification by appearance: blue film, black and white film, KB film, customized printing film, etc.

4. Classification by origin: domestic film and imported film.

5. Classification by paste: oil film, water gel film, self-adhesive film, electrostatic film, etc.

There are four methods to cut stainless steel with film by using a sheet metal cutting machine.

Cutting without film

If the metal can be cut without a film, then you can tear off the film and cut it with a metal sheet laser cutting machine.

Cutting directly

If the surface of the metal film with laser film, the metal material can be cut directly.

The laser film is divided into fiber laser film and carbon dioxide laser film. The fiber laser film is the white film in black background with a viscosity above 120 and 0.05-0.08mm thickness. However, not all the white film in the black background are optical fiber laser film.

Remove film by evaporation

If the protective film is a typical film or a carbon dioxide laser film with appropriate viscosity, evaporation can be used to remove the film. That means to burn the film with a small power laser from the sheet metal cutting machine before cutting.

Cut with the film down

This method is to use the metal sheet laser cutting machine to cut the other side of the metal material without a protective film. This method is suitable for the metal material with any kind of film, and the film will not be blown up or fringed during cutting.

There is a flaw in this method. Because the cutting is carried out on the back of the protective film, the metal sheet laser cutting machine will block the slag discharge when cutting, resulting in slag on the back.

In addition to knowing how to use metal sheet laser cutting machines to cut metal materials with film, choosing a high-quality laser cutting machine can significantly help to cut out the perfect metal materials with the film. We are committed to the flexible and intelligent manufacture of metal sheet laser cutting machines, providing intelligent solutions for global users. If you have a need for metal cutting, HSG will help you the most.