As of the third quarter, COVID-19 is still spreading globally. Under the complex situation of the global epidemic situation, HSG Laser has a contrarian growth: as of July, the sales of HSG overseas markets has continued to increase in Americas, Europe, the Middle East, India and other overseas markets in 2020 with a 98% increase compared to 2019.

(HSG TP65S is shipping to USA)

(HSG G4020V is shipping to Brazil)

Focusing On Product Technology And Brand Reputation

(The Japanese subsidiary HSG Co., Ltd.)

(Japan famous newspaper レ一新報 reporting about HSG Laser.)

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, HSG Laser has focused on product technology innovation, customer services, and professional training, and optimized its overseas market layout and online channel strategy. With the improvement of brand reputation and continuous expansion of market influence, HSG has received extensive attention and recognition from overseas media and users.

Provide Overseas Services And Overcome Difficulties With Technology

Facing the COVID-19 epidemic, HSG insisted on strengthening service awareness and improving service capabilities. Technicians provide users with efficient  technology support at the first time; cooperate with global agents to implement regional support policies to ensure overseas users experiences; accurate delivery time, quality assurance, and protection of every overseas users rights and interests ..... Although we are far apart, HSG has always been driven by technology, with a firm pace of service, and steadily opening up overseas markets.

Innovation and development are the strongest power to change the world

The year 2020 is full of challenges for HSG Laser, but it is the "year of operation" for breakthrough innovation. The company adheres to platform-based organization and digital operation, and increases product technology investment to create a unique overseas market service model. For example, the establishment of the German subsidiary XLase Gmbh and the Japanese subsidiary HSG Co., Ltd., the independent R&D of the P10 high-power intelligent cutting head, the breakthrough in the layout of the Australian 10KW high-power equipment, and other outstanding achievements. In the future, HSG will further optimize the industrial chain and strengthen domestic and overseas Competitive advantages in core technology, and cooperate with global agents to optimize and expand overseas business scale.