On April 10th, HSG Laser held an online new product launch conference. The two models HS-TX65 PLUS and HS-TH65 PLUS were introduced simultaneously, providing a new solution for the processing of heavy, medium and small conventional profiles in the metal forming market. In addition, HSG Laser officially launched the "Cloud 1.0 Intelligent System" to bring users a convenient experience of cloud intelligence.

TX65 PLUS, heavy profile processing

Established in 2006, with 14 years of technical research, HSG Laser has the advantages of mature software development and controller development, and has a comprehensive grasp of core technologies such as CNC systems, precision cutting heads, and high-speed transmission systems. After released the fully automatic intelligent feeding system, three-dimensional five-axis bevel cutting, and ultra-heavy pipe cutting equipment, HSG Laser launched the TX65 PLUS pipe cutting machine for 500kg, 325mm diameter heavy pipe and channel steel, angle steel, H-shaped steel Such special-shaped tubes provide intelligent solutions, which surprised the whole industry again. At the same time, TX65 PLUS is equipped with high-speed zoom intelligent cutting head to bring high-speed punching and bilateral cutting experience.

TH65 PLUS, four-chuck "zero tailings" cutting

Multifunctional load profile cutting. For all types of small and medium-sized conventional materials, TH65 PLUS pipe cutting machine follows the four-chuck design launched by TL500, and also supports dual-chuck and three-chuck options. Achieve the precise cutting of the entire 6-meter pipe, equipped with intelligent sorting and blanking, and truly show the quality of "zero tailings".

Cloud 1.0 Intelligent System- A Brand Bew Experience

In this online conference, HSG Laser firstly launched the "Cloud 1.0 Intelligent System", which revealed a series of convenient experiences provided by the cloud system. Focusing on user experience, the cloud system can intelligently implement "health management".It can establish a machine model, and associate with the cloud database to help users view machine conditions in real time and better grasp running failure information in the first place. The equipment failure alarm implements a hierarchical push mechanism, and the cloud enables after-sales technology and users to solve on-site failure problems online.

Focusing on quality, and believe in the rigor of digitalization. HSG Laser will stick to technological innovation as the driving force for development, focusing on laser robots, multi-axis linkage professional pipe cutting, precision welding, CNC bending, intelligent automatic production lines and other sectors, and further deepen the field of metal forming and intelligent manufacturing

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