On September 15, the annual 5-day China International Industry Fair officially opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. HSG Laser demonstrated a variety of smart black technology products such as laser cutting machines, hand-held welding machines, and CNC bending machines. On this big stage where global industrial new technologies are gathered, exhibitors from all over the world have demonstrated the brand strength of technological innovation and intelligent manfacturing, which has become the focus of attention of exhibitors.

On the first day of the exhibition, HSG Laser's R9 professional beveling laser pipe cutting machine, which was launched worldwide, pushed the atmosphere of the exhibition hall to a high point. The HSG-R series pipe cutting equipment, known as the "cross-age pipe processing", condenses HSG Laser's years of pipe cutting technology experience, and provides users with accurate pipe processing solutions that fully cover the industry's pipe processing needs.

The R series pays tribute to the cross-age of pipe processing

Following the birth of the first R series model R5 two weeks ago, the HSG-R9 quickly emerged as an "all-rounder" with cutting-edge technology in the industry. HSG Lasers equipment R&D strength and new product release efficiency shocked many industry users and experts, and said that they will continue to pay attention to the launch of more outstanding products of the subsequent R series.

Industry Pipe Cutting Technology "Smart" Expert——R9 Interprets the New Label of Strength
Benchmarking the technology trends of the international laser cutting machine industry, R9 showcases the "strength" style with brand-new outstanding performance and interprets the new label of industry technology. R9 is the first pipe cutting device in China that uses a multi-touch operating system, bringing users a brand new experience that is as simple as operating a tablet computer for industrial equipment. Equipped with a "thinking" intelligent digital chuck, it enjoys a variety of self-developed customized functions and black technology processes such as "Speed+, flying cutting, leapfrogging, 45° bevel cutting" for cutting all kinds of special-shaped pipes and profiles. From the development of the system or the precipitation of cutting technology, R9 can be said to be a collection of cutting-edge technologies in the industry.

Ultra-high power laser plane, plate and tube integrated cutting machine-ultra-thick plate with large pipe diameter cutting program

As a star player of HSG Laser's high-power laser cutting equipment, the G4020V ultra-high-power laser cutting machine has received great attention from exhibitors as always. Non-inductive perforation, "0" waiting; rapid cooling and constant temperature, steadily moving forward; focusing on cutting details, maintaining consistent quality of batch cutting sections. G4020V has three excellent performances, which can solve the technical problems of high-power thick plate cutting. The new GTE-35HQ high-power plate and tube all-in-one machine has a 325mm large diameter and heavy-duty pneumatic chuck, equipped with a stable mechanical system, showing the technical style of "high power, large diameter and great performance", and advanced opening of high power plate and tube One-piece cutting new era.

The HC series electro-hydraulic servo bending machine is equipped with an intelligent automatic control system, which can accurately and automatically calculate the operating bending angle, main pressure, deflection compensation, backgear correction and other data. Targetedly overcome the problem of the deformation accuracy of the bending slider in the industry, and the HC electro-hydraulic servo bending machine brings a more stable and high-precision bending operation and angle solution.

HB series oil-electric hybrid bending machine adopts oil-electric hybrid drive, personalized switching production mode, helping users easily customize production plans. Adopting DSVP two-way pump control technology, the HB series bending machine brings high-precision bending quality and angle, while saving more than 60% of energy consumption, and achieving a 25-fold increase in bending efficiency compared with hydraulic driving.

Solid innovation, creating a new benchmark for smart metal forming equipment technology. In addition to the appearance of several star equipment on the same stage, at this exhibition, HSG Laser also brought a number of technological innovations and upgrades such as intelligent digital chucks and P10 high-power intelligent cutting heads. Create a new "smart" experience for industry users. In addition, many core technical talents of HSG Laser also jointly held on-site technical analysis meetings to reveal the black technology of metal forming technology.

On the international stage of the International Industry Fair, HSG Laser has revealed the technological business card of a national enterprise, and has shown the world the new power of "Intelligent Manufacturing in China".