With industrialization development, laser cutting technology has been widely applied in various industrial manufacturing such as built-in kitchen and hardware, furniture supplies, agriculture, engineering, and laser external processing. As pipe cutting requirements have been continuously increased, only the good laser cutting machine's cutting quality can break through the innovation possibilities of the products. 
To meet the growing demand for laser cutting quality, HSG’ s new generation of laser cutting machine brought the key solution of high-quality pipe cutting – 3D pipe groove cutting technology.
What is 3D pipe groove cutting technology?
The 3D pipe groove cutting technology is the accurate comprehension of deflection angle during the laser cutting machine’s operation process. Through the five-axis simultaneous CNC system, the five-axis pipe laser cutting machine controls the cutting head accurately, which realize the accurate deflection angle comprehension during operation.
The advantages of 3D pipe groove cutting technology
1.Accurate control of the groove cutting angle to optimize the concatenation result
When pipe splicing and welding, a certain bevel angle must ensure that the workpiece can achieve a seamless connection. However, the traditional laser cutting machine's straight cutting process often has problems such as large gaps and missing arc angles, which cause many problems for pipe splicing and welding in the later period.
The 3D pipe groove cutting technology can complete v, x, y, and other types of bevels at one time. What is more, it further achieves the bevel processing completed by traditional cutting, milling, and other multiple processes at one time, which greatly improves the efficiency and high dimensional accuracy of sheet metal laser cutter. The groove leaves the roots uniform and consistent and has a high surface quality.

2. Realize the zero-gap of pipe splicing, reducing welding difficulty

Comparing the cutting effect pictures, it is not difficult to find out that there are larger gaps in the splicing of the workpieces from the traditional pipe straight cutting, which is obviously trouble for welding.
The leaving gaps will increase the workload of welding. To fill the gap, fillers must be used before welding. The repair of the filler increases the difficulty of the welding process and affects the quality.
On the contrary, the pipes produced by the 3D pipe groove cutting technology can achieve high seam consistency and zero-gap, reducing unnecessary filler procedures and greatly reducing the difficulty of welding.
3. High welding quality, reducing human resources and material costs
The zero-gap splicing solution brought about by the 3D pipe groove cutting technology saves the filling process and reduces the welding consumables and manual welding strength.
The welding is directly conducted after the pipe is cut. In this case, 3D pipe groove cutting technology greatly reducing material costs and post-welding processing workload, thus reducing human resources and material resources. 

The economize of human resources and material resources and cutting quality is the key to success in laser cutting machine’s production and processing. Advance laser cutting machine and cutting technology can enhance production strength in many ways.
To complete a series of sheet metal cutting machine’s requirements, it is essential to improve the laser cutting machine's performance. The superior performance of the cutting process directly determines whether a piece of sheet metal cutting machine is excellent.
With the continuous upgrading of basic public service and industries construction projects such as railway construction, water conservancy construction, new energy, mining construction, and other construction industries, the domestic machinery market's demand is continuing to increase. In the future, 3D Pipe Groove Cutting will be applied in more and more different in the laser cutting machine industry.
HSG has been committed to the development of intelligent laser cutting machine for more than ten years. It has a professional and independent core R&D team and a comprehensive after-sales technical support department. HSG achieves flexibility in professional laser cutting and precision welding intelligent automatic production lines. The laser cutting machine industry widely recognizes the products.