Laser cutting machines are widely used in all kinds of industries and creations. The regular maintenance is vital for keeping it in good condition while operating, which is even more prominent during winter. To avoid malfunctioning and unnecessary losses, be sure to take proper anti-freezing measures. Here are some antifreeze tips for the laser cutting machine in winter.

Tips for Maintenance Laser Cutting Machine in winter
As the temperature sudden drops during winter, operating sheet metal cutting machine below more prominent 0℃will undoubtedly cause damage. The volume will expand ones the cooling water freeze which will cause the laser or the internal pipeline of the water-cooling system crackdown, this, in turn, will cause further damage to other core component and significant losses. Follow below tips to properly maintain your sheet metal cutting machine in water:
1. Clean the laser cutting machine after use. Please pay attention to change back to normal cooling water after cleaning the pipeline with deionized water or purified water, remove the antifreeze and use deionized water to purified the water. When unplugging the water pipe, remember to mark the order of the connectors to prevent them from being reversed during installation.
2. Removing water after use. After using the sheet metal lase cutter, you should efficiently empty the cooling water by an air pump or water compressor. It is wise of you to remove the chiller and pump and place it in warm condition to prevent the circulation equipment from freezing. 

3. Control the temperature. Always make sure the water-cooling system of the sheet metal cutting machines keeps running 24/7, especially at night. To offer good working condition for laser cutting machine, just make sure that it is stored in the correct temperature at regular intervals. The suitable temperature to store the laser cutting machine is between 15°C and 25°C with humidity between 40% and 70% and no direct sunlight.
4. Proper use of antifreeze: Antifreeze is a liquid that lowers the waters freezing point; thus, the laser cutting machine is less likely to become frozen. It is very important to take antifreeze into consideration to maintenance laser cutting machine in winter. Antifreeze helps to reduce the risk of freezing but it cannot heat or preserve heat. Furthermore, due to the different freezing points of antifreeze and ingredients, the antifreeze selection should base on the temperature. When selecting or preparing antifreeze, its freezing point should be 5 °C lower than the minimum temperature of the operating environment. By adding antifreeze to water pipeline in your laser cutting machine, this will prevent it from freezing in the cold weather.
By following these anti-freezing tips, your sheet laser metal cutter will keep on working efficiently throughout the cold months. 

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