In May 2020, HSG officially launched the self-developed sheet metal lase cutter system – Alpha T, which marks an important breakthrough for HSG in developing laser cutting machine’s key components. Conquered the key projects of motion control, height adjustment, and special software, Alpha T reinvent into the invention of great significance in the field of laser cutting. From obscurity to famous, Alpha – T quickly become a popular term in the laser cutting industry.

Since its establishment, HSG is committed to becoming a highly competitive leader in metal forming. To achieve this goal, it requires the continuously growing economy and the independent research and development capabilities of key components and key technologies.

As the major difficulties in technological breakthroughs, the control system, cutting head, and laser device are the key components that restrict the company's development. Many well-known enterprises abroad have already realized the independent research and development of key components. However, most domestic manufacturers remain in the assembly and processing stage. To overcome this industry predicament, HSG strives to research and development of new technology.
After years of research and development, Alpha T has successfully launched this year. The independent research and development of key components are of great significance to any company. Alpha-T bus system is launched to meet users' demand under the background of understanding the users' difficulties in laser cutting. 
As a bus system developed based on the German Beckhoff’s Ether CAT bus communication protocol, Alpha T is conformed to the trend of industrial automation. It has several advantages, such as fast data transmission, security, and reliability, protect the data from loss. It has currently applied in the field of motion control of high-power laser cutting machine.

As for the machining performance and precision of the laser cutting machine, it is control by the control system, cutting head, and the server driver. For these reasons, provides the control system solutions to users cannot solve the problem completely. Therefore, Alpha – T provides users with a complete laser cutting machine solution, including a system, motor, reducer, and cutting head solution.
With the joint hand of German high-end reducer brand, the customized high-speed motor of Panasonic, and the series P cutting head developed in Japan, Alpha – T aims to use a complete solution to realize the higher requirements of users for laser equipment processing speed and processing accuracy. So far, this module has widely applied to the international brand, such as Trumpf, AMADA.
The Alpha – T bus system and a complete laser cutting machine solution self-developed by HSG have explored the new sheet metal cutting machine industrial new model Alpha – T bus system has put a high-power laser cutting machine of HSG’s GT series. It is expected to be more widely used in HSG high-power laser cutting machine.
With the advance of the intelligent algorithm guarantee, Alpha - T maximizes the equipment's processing performance. The convenient operation, precise control, and stable performance can better satisfy customers’ pursuit of sheet metal laser cutter processing efficiency and precision.
According to the operator’s feedback, Alpha-T allows the operator to clearly comprehend the sheet metal cutting machine's real-time status, cutting head, and tracking sensor. It can automatically remind the laser cutting machine’s maintenance time of each part of the tool. Furthermore, Alpha-T can automatically optimize and adjust the process parameters of sheet metal laser cutter and realize the coexistence of speed and stability, which is both efficient and guaranteed laser cutting quality.

With the values of equal exchanges and sharing of interests, HSG will continue to assist the laser cutting machine's development and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing. In the future, HSG will keep exploring new technology in laser cutting machine and create better value for users.