Using the metal sheet laser cutting machine to cut the sheet metal has the first step of feeding, which is not simple despite it’s basic.
As we all know, metal sheet laser cutting machine generally has supporting strips in the worktable area, and these supporting strips are relatively sharp. Some plates with higher requirements, such as mirror stainless steel, aluminum plate, wire drawing plate, etc., are often scratched in the process of feeding, which is easily resulting in the cut product work piece that needs to be treated twice before reaching the finished product standard.

So, how can we solve this problem?

1. Loading with simple tools (traditional manual loading method)
Before loading, place the round wood strip on the workbench, pave or insert the bottom support with the help of the wood strip / stainless steel round pipe, push the plate to load horizontally, and then remove the wood strip / stainless steel round pipe under the plate after it is in place.
▲Use round wood/pipe to pad the bottom, the surface of the wood strip is relatively smooth, avoiding the friction between the plate and the metal support strip of the workbench in dragging. Although the friction between the worktable and the feeding movement of the plate is avoided and the scraping is reduced to a certain extent, the manual laying and removal of tools before and after this method could be time-consuming and labor-consuming.

2. Intelligent vacuum sucker feeding
With the help of intelligent equipment, the vacuum suction cup absorbs the materials in the material warehouse and accurately places them in one step.
▲ The digital operation brings accurate feeding and avoids scraping. Reduce labor cost input and improve loading efficiency. However, this method requires a certain amount of capital to equip with intelligent suction cup equipment. The whole device operation also occupies the workshop space, which is suitable for the workshop and the enterprise with the capital budget.

3. Equipped with rear stand jacking device
Roller top material table, flexible loading and flexible movement, no matter the size of the plate can be easily loaded anti-scratch. The plate does not directly contact the support strip when loading.
▲ Simple configuration, the installation cost is lower than that of suction cup feeding and does not occupy the cost of workshop space. Because most of the existing exchange worktables are of high and low worktable structure, it is not easy to design the lifting structure to account for the high and low structures of two different worktables. The ejector designed by the rear stand can solve this contradiction and solve the problem of scraping on the board simultaneously.

There are always more methods than problems, and optimize the cutting quality is just on your choice! In order to get high quality final cutting products, a standard metal cutting machines are just what you need. Complied with European design standards and adopted the electrical and drive system provided by Panasonic, the metal sheet laser cutting machine produced by us would offer help as much as possible to produce perfectly cut products.