Metal And Non-metal Laser Cutting machine for metal and nonmetal material cutting





Adopting united states imported sensor, precise auto-focus laser cutting head, can cut metal and non-metal materials.

Optional Motorized up-down platform


       Technical Parameters


Processing Area 1300mmX900mm
Max.Cutting Speed 25m/min
Max. accelerated 0.3G
X/Y Positioning Accuracy 0.1mm/m
X/Y Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Power supply 220 V±10% 50Hz
Laser power 100W-300W
Whole machine weight 700Kg
Machine dimensions 2000*1420*1200mm
Transmission Imported Steel-strip Belt/
Imported ball screw

It 's suitable for thin mild steel/ stainless steel, galvanized steel (0.5-2.0mm), acrylic and wood cutting etc.