Cutting Metal Sheet


carbon structural steel plate welding

Made of carbon structural steel plate welding,dislocation nest box construction to avoid welding stress deformation, 600℃ high temperature release annealing stress with 20 years of normal use without distortion;

Cast aluminum crossbeam 50% lighter than made by steel

The first manufacturer uses cast aluminum beam which is done by 10-ton steel mould with better rigidity. And the weight is 1/2 lighter than traditional welding iron gantry;

Germany beckoff system

Leading CNCKad integration sheet metal CAD/CAM automatic programming expert edition nesting software, is core technology for CNC cutting machine to achieve "full time cutting, efficient cutting and high cutting rates" . It's also guaranteed to save materials effectively and improve cutting efficiency.

Germany Wittenstein Alpha rack and gear reducer

HSG Laser adopts Internationally No. 1 German racks, pinions and speed reducers from Alpha Wittenstein, same as Trumpf Laser, speed reducers' usage guaranteed for 6 years;

HIGHYAG laser head


acceleration speed 2.8G , Max. moving speed 196m/min


Technical Parameters


Processing Area 4000X2000mm (optional)
Laser power 4000W-10000W
Max. moving speed 196m/min
Max. acc. speed 2.8G
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Reposition Accuracy ±0.05mm
Whole machine weight 18000Kg
Machine dimensions 11500*3500*2500mm


Specially used for cutting 0.5-25mm carbon steel, 0.5-30mm stainless steel, 0.5-30mm aluminum, 0.5-15mm brass, 0.5-12mm copper, as well as galvanized steel, electrolytic steel and silicon steel etc (thicknesses are related to the kinds of materials and fiber source power)



All-in-one operation solution:
Effectively realize man-machine unification.
Systematic technical training:
Rapidly creating machine value
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Regulate customers’ working place

Globally fastest assembling

Floor space saving Three-side feeding

Integrated design Compact and tidy