3d Yag Laser Welding Machine weld 3d metal part.

3D Yag Laser Welding Machine Customer could design fixture clamp combination accordingly with flexible working platform. Equipped with 6-axis robot arm, it can realize welding for 3D products easily.

3D Yag Laser Welding Machine widely used for electrical equipment,hardware,  auto spare parts. CCD monitoring system,welding seam location system and external axis are optional.


  Technical Parameters


Laser source

Rated power600W (optional300W), peak power 10KW, single pulse energy 100J

Laser processing head Customized
Robot 6 axis, max. arm expansion 1410mm, 6th axis loading 5Kg;
Repeated positioning accuracy ± 0.04mm, dead-weight 127KG
Water chiller Refrigerating capacity 17.5KW
Working fiber Core diameter 0.6mm, length 10m
CCD monitoring system Industrial CCD+ displayer
3D Yag Laser Welding Machine

3D Yag Laser Welding Machine mainly composed of YAG Laser resonator, water chiller, laser welding head, 3D flexible working platform6 and 6axis mechanical arm, are widely used for electrical equipment, hardware, auto spare parts.