Science and technology, wisdom and talent, laser equipment with works of art appeared in Germany Blechexpo


On November 8, the 4-day Blechexpo 2019 metal plate processing exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Blechexpo”) ended in Stuttgart, Germany.Since its inception in 1993, Blechexpo has been recognized as the leader in the metalworking industry in Europe and the most eagerly awaited trade show by many technical users in the industry.As a high-end sub-brand of HSG laser, XLase was also invited to participate in this exhibition together with other internationally renowned equipment.

Committed to meeting the needs of users in the European market, XLase always keeps a close eye on the market dynamics and timely insight into the equipment intelligent processing needs of users in the industry.In this exhibition, XLase brought HS-G3015X European elegant fiber laser cutting machine and HS-TS65 fully automatic fiber laser pipe cutting machine.For market users, the best-selling GX series of equipment and automatic fiber laser tube cutting machine TS65 have already known.

G3015X and TS65 respectively carried out the on-site cutting demonstration and brought a variety of exquisite samples of cutting process.  Including splicing samples that request precise grasp of the cutting Angle of the pipe, the planar cutting crafts with complex patterns, and the display of various thicknesses and sections of materials, show users not only the charm of science and technology, but also the beauty of art.

In addition to the observation of the on-site exhibits, there were a lot of on-site user consultation equipment configuration and on-site testing. Users who are concerned about equipment safety protection and environmental protection system have in-depth consultation and understanding of the G3015X’s fully enclosed protection with the design of OD5 grade fiber optic protection glass, the stability of independent electrical cabinets, and the smokeless effect and zero noise operation of the district exhaust and dust removal. There are also users in the pipe industry who need to carefully process various types of pipes, such as the opposite pipe, round pipe, rectangular pipe, D-tube and hexagon, to inspect the cutting precision of TS65 and the control of the short tailings.

XLase understands that the best production is not necessarily the most advanced equipment, but should be the most suitable equipment. Only from the user’s point of demand can help users create maximum value and excellent cost performance. At the exhibition, XLase technicians were present to listen carefully and understand the user’s production needs and customized projects, and to provide targeted equipment matching and detailed introduction for users. On-site exhibition users not only praised the quality of the equipment, but also praised the service concept of XLase people.

For a short period of time, XLase has brought better production and processing solutions to many users who are looking for smart production needs. At the same time, through in-depth communication with users, we also understand the detailed needs of each industry user. Whether it is the operating experience, quality requirements, process technology or even the cost of production procurement control… In the future, XLase will make unremitting efforts to create more value for users.