W30 3D fiber laser welding machine

The equipment has high electro-optic conversion efciency requiring no additional welding material and the cost is low.

Machine Component

This series of equipment, mainly composed of fiber laser resonator, water chiller, laser welding head, flexible working platform, 6-axis robot arm and operation platform.

Adopt 6-axis Upside-down Gantry Structure

Equipped with gap-tracking system, precisely adjust 3D path according to the position of the joint.By detecting the characteristics of the joints to be welded, the welding parameters could be optimized and adjusted in real time.The larger welding gap will be applied from the high precision cold wire filling system.

Supports off-line programming

The equipment supports off-line programming, with full application of the computer functions,
reducing the time of writing robot program and greatly enhancing production efficiency and

Real time position adjustment

Precisely measuring the change of the objects, to adjust the position of the workpiece on the laser cutting platform and clipboard. Patented technology make compensation for repeatable error of robot or special machine, through reducing the teaching point, greatly reducing the time of system setting and commissioning.


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