Participating In METALWORKING, Xlase Provides High-precision Laser Cutting Solution


The Belarusian International Metalworking Exhibition: METALWORKING (hereinafter referred to as: METALWORKING) opened at the Minsk Convention and Exhibition Center On March 26th. As the largest metalworking exhibition in The Republic of Byelorussia, the exhibition METALWORKING is one of the largest platforms for trading and exhibiting in the field of metal processing and heavy machinery manufacturing. This biennial great event brought together the latest and most popular exhibits in the field of metal processing, and attracted visitors from all over the world.

The high-end sup-brand of HSG Laser, Xlase, were participated in the event, bringing the latest-developed high-speed micro fiber laser metal plate cutting machine to customers in the metalworking-related industries, showing the charm of intelligent manufacturing by performing its high-performance subtly cutting to all visitors.

Extraodinary Performance-Realization of High-efficiency Subtly Cutting and Good Stability.

The latest-developed high-speed micro fiber laser metal plate cutting machin, G1390X, provides the most precise flexible processing solution to producing of all kinds of metal parts by its extraodinary stable and high-efficiency performance. Equiped with the HSG self-developed laser cutting numberical control system, G1390X realize high-precision accurate cutting with strict quality standard, and the cutting precision is controlled within 0.05mm.

Except for the remarkable performance, the personalized design of G1390X also brought great surprises to users.

Compact Design-Easier Transporting and Installing

The latest-developed high-speed micro fiber laser metal plate cutting machin, G1390X, adopts full cover design for the whole machine. The machine size is small, and it can be easily loaded into a standard 20GP container for transpartation. The compact design of G1390X will largely cut down the transportation cost and bring more convenience to users in installation and operation. Futher more, it will also reduce the cost of production by saving the factory space.

The New HSG-Xnumberical Control System-Realization of Intelligent Production.

G1390X is equipped with HSG’s new generation professional CNC system:HSG-X. It adopts international advanced precision calculating method, and the efficiency, safety and stability are upgraded to a higher level. Integrating a variety of laser cutting control-specific function modules, the powerful features of the HSG-X system and the friendly human-machine interface make intelligent laser manufacturing easier.

The new model, G1390X, which come with surprises and attraction, attracted the attention of many visitors during the very first day of its launch in the exhibition. After viewing and experiencing the excellent performance of the machine, all the users gave a consistent praise to the this intelligent and personalized new model.

The development of high-quality intelligent and personalized equipment reflects the high attention of XLase to the needs of each user in the industry. It is a unremitting pursuit for Xlase to provide more flexible manufacturing solutions, better service and best customer experience  to all users in the future.