1. Product Features:    
With the improvement of residents' quality of life, more and more people pay attention to healthy lifestyle, and keep healthy through sports and fitness. Fitness equipment / sports equipment is an industry with large market demand at present. The products are mostly assembled from pipe parts. The material of pipe is mainly carbon steel. The shape of pipe is mainly round pipe, rectangular pipe and elliptical pipe, and the size is within 200 mm. 
It is required that the parts have high dimensional accuracy to meet the later assembly requirements. The traditional pipe processing method needs multiple processes: sawing, punching, drilling and polishing. Each process needs different equipment and 1-2 workers to participate. The processing efficiency is low, the labor intensity of workers is high, and the labor cost is high, which can not meet the production and processing needs of enterprises.

2. Technical Advantages: 
The laser pipe cutting machine of HSG laser can cut the pipe, cut holes and other arbitrary shapes. One equipment can complete all processes, and the incision is smooth and free of burrs. There is no cutting fluid and metal chip residues in the pipe. The non-contact processing ensures no deformation of the pipe. 
After cutting, it can be directly used without secondary grinding. It can save the turnover time of parts in different working procedures, reduce the labor intensity of workers, save labor investment for enterprises, improve product quality and processing efficiency, and realize the purpose of increasing cost and efficiency.
3. Recommended model: