High Quality Carbon Steel Welding Machine Bed

The main body is welded by high-quality carbon structure steel with tensile strength of up to 500Mpa, and high temperature annealing, then natural aging completely eliminate welding stress, anti-deformation, more durable.

High Precision, High Speed

  • Intelligent dual drive, speedy operating

    The gantry type double servo motor drive system is adopted to effectively ensure the high speed, high precision and high stability of the whole machine during cutting.
  • Imported transmission parts,precision guarantee

    Choosing high-end Alpha brand can ensure the high-speed cutting accuracy of the equipment for a long time.
  • Integrated gas circuit, flexible gas selection

    Design an advanced integrated gas circuit control system, a full set of imported pneumatic components, and access to different auxiliary gases at the same time, automatic switching, efficient and time-saving.

Simple Operation, Comply With User Behavioral Habits

  • Intelligent Visible Control System

    Visual adjustment for laser power, gas type and pressure; intelligent edge-seeking, auto positioing; Supporting multiple types of files, intelligent typesetting, automatic sequence generation, process diagram display, simple and convenient operation..

  • Auto-focus Cutting Head

    Equipped with auto-focus cutting head, auto-focus point could be adjusted automatically; Shorten the perforation time, improve the quality of perforation.

  • Intelligent Remote Control

    One button wireless control: calibration, blowing, simulation, cutting, pause, etc. magnetic suction design, convenient for operation.

HSG Design Language —— Product Introduction Video

  • Open Type Structure Design

    The process of machine operation is visible and easy to load from frontside, left side and right side.
  • Integratedly Professional Electric Cabinet

    The integrated design of the electric cabinet eliminates the need for cable connection and installation procedures, convenient installation, efficient production, and shortens your waiting time; the electric cabinet area adopts a high-standard sealing design to prevent dust from entering the electrical components and prevent component ignition.
  • Advanced Appearance Design

    The brand-new HSG family-style appearance, white and black color elements make the overall vision more concise; the large bright flat sliding door design and double-sided tempered glass cover are HSG Laser's quality assurance for excellent products.

Active Protection System

  • Anti-collision Protection

    The cutting head keeps a safe distance from the cutting surface at any time, and has the touch stop function to reduce the risk of collision.
  • Intelligent Stroke Protection

    The system sends feedback and quickly command to stop when abnormal, so as to ensure the safety of the equipment.
  • Intelligent System Alarm

    Equipment can conduct self-inspection, main interface can display abnormal alarm, reduce hidden dangers and improve equipment troubleshooting efficiency.

Technical Parameter

  • Feature/Model
  • Working Area (L*W))
  • Stroke (X/ Y/ Z Axis)
  • X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy
  • X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy
  • Max. Moving Speed
  • Max. Acc. Speed
  • Power Protection Grade
  • Laser Power
  • Max. Loading Weight
  • Machine Weight
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H))

*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product.

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