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HSG is a high-tech enterprise delicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solution to globe customers. We are always focusing on the field of laser intelligent equipment manufacturing, and profound faith in the concept of efficient, intelligent, environmentally friendly and compatible product development.

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HSG LASER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-tech industrial laser solutions, dedicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solutions and enabling our customers in various branches around the world to become more efficient and competitive. With more than 15,000 laser cutting systems in the market and a rapidly increasing global base, HSG is in a favorable position to serve the international customer base, guaranteeing highest quality and shortest response times in already more than 100 countries. Our focus is on the innovation, continuous improvement and rapid development of technologies, all of which aim to increase efficiencies and flexibility, minimize costs while generating the highest levels of environmental friendliness and sustainability to our all benefit. We aim to provide key technologies and customized integration solutions for Industry 4.0 and smart factories, helping enterprises to make perfect use of the many opportunities arising in the digital age.

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