Upgrade Model, Merit of R & D

The G3015X inherits the mature research and development of HSG laser sheet metal cutting equipment products and integrates advanced high technology. It uses a series of high-precision technologies to provide a high-quality guarantee for the diverse processing needs of users.

Packed in 40HQ Container, Cost Saving

The unique body of the small machine greatly reduces the cost of transportation and solves the big problem of shipping. The whole machine can be packed in 40HQ container, which saves the transportation cost and workshop place for users.

Ventilation System

The small louver partition blowing designs, rotary butterfly valve damper and large diameter exhaust duct to achieve good ventilation and almost completely smoke-free effect. The process of opening and closing during the movement of the machine tool is almost free of any noise.

HSG-X2000S Control System

PCIe bus control, network transmission free from external interference and reliable operation. Integrated soft PLC design without hardware module can be used for long service life stably.

Technical Parameter

  • Feature/Model
  • Working Area (L*W))
  • X/Y Axis Positioning Accuracy
  • X/Y Axis Repositioning Accuracy
  • Max. Moving Speed
  • Max. Acc. Speed
  • Laser Power
  • Machine Weight
  • Overall Dimensions (L*W*H))

*The above data are for reference only, subject to the actual product!

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