HSG laser high-load double rails structure assists stable processing

Three-in-one cutting mode:

Sheet Metal Straight Cutting+
Section Steel Straight Cutting+
Beveling Processing

Equipped with multiple cutting modes, PR1500B Series can fully meet the demands of corresponding straight cutting and beveling processing for sheet and section steels.

Extra Large-format Design

Adopting independent modular design, single station (14m) and double station (28m) can be selected to meet the cutting requirements of different metal material combinations; The extra wide machine bed allows to be used for the beveling processing of 2.5m wide sheet metal.

HSG laser high-speed dynamics for luxury cutting experiences
HSG laser special machine bed for high power

High-efficient Cutting Processing

The new generation of lightweight beam design, with a maximum linkage speed up to 80m/min, has higher processing efficiency compared to conventional formats.

Multiple Safety Protection

There are protective sheet metal on both sides of the beam, effectively blocking the splashing of cutting sparks.
Equipped with anti-burning plates, PR1500B Series can offer heat protection without heat damage worry. The safety protection glass on both sides allows for real-time observation of cutting conditions while providing protection.

HSG laser hydraulic lifting exchange system
HSG laser cutting machine standardized with numerous useful functions easy operation

One-Stop Specialized Solutions For Section Steel Cutting

Real-time measurement and compensation of section steel workpieces and drawings will be done through coarse + fine positioning.
The nesting software for the PR1500B series has strong compatibility with Tekla.
Users can enjoy intelligent control system through simple operations.


Technical Parameters

  • Model
  • Power
  • X/Y-axis positioning accuracy
  • PR1500B
  • 12000W-20000W
  • ±0.1mm/m

*Note: the workbench is optional

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