More Than High Power: In The New Laser Cutting Era, High Power Is Not The Only Solution

Post date: 2023-11-10 17:39:16

Beyond High Power, See The Future Through High-end
When 10,000 watts becomes the standard level, how can we redefine what the meaning of high-end it is. When the power growing is meaningless, how can the future laser cutting break the ceilings.
High Power Laser Butting Machine

As the promoter of advanced manufacturing technology, HSG always insists on the power is not the only solutions for excellent metal processing. Now, the new GV series 6G all linear motor laser cutting machine tells you what the high-end is. 
Pilot Series 6G All Linear Motor Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Except Power, HSG Leads You See High-end Cutting In Future. 

HSG GV series redefines “FAST” and focuses on the all-round aspects. 
● The core of “FAST”- Tree Axis Linear Motor 
XYZ axis applies linear motor drive. The acceleration of GV series can achieve 6G and the linkage speed can reach 300m/min. Compared with traditional transmission(servo motor+reducer+rear&rack ), the feed rate and working efficiency of machine bed become double.

Tree Axis Linear Motor
● The Assistant of “FAST”- German Rexroth Rails 

The rails are selected from the globally leading transmission and control technology supplier Rexroth, which can move high load easily. Additionally, this rails are characterized by the excellent dynamic performance, sensitive response, and smooth operating to achieve ±0.01mm positioning accuracy.

German Rexroth Rails
● The Safeguard of “FAST”- Special Machine Bed for High Power
The machine bed is welded with a number of ultra-thickness sheets. The machine bed is designed in special hollow structure. There is no bed link at the bottom of the laser cutting area, and the bed is not easy to be affected by heat, which provide rigidity protection for millimetre-class fast cutting.

Special Machine Bed for High Power
For GV series, it is noting to speak of 60,000W power. More than high power, intelligent is the key to develop in the future. 
● Intelligent Exchange 

GV gives up the traditional high-and-low exchange table and applies new-type hydraulic station for automatic exchange of same platform. Z axis cutting head can cut without excessive moving length and ensure both high-speed cutting and the rigidity and stability of Z axis. 

Intelligent Exchange
● Intelligent System 

The CNC system is the center of GV series to create visual residual materials, side seeking, automatic replacement of nozzles and other intelligent functions to improve the utilization of sheets, intelligent operation and the accuracy of replacement. 

Intelligent System
When the high power is not only the solutions for metal processing, HSG GV series uses “FAST” to accelerate the laser development revolutions, 6G acceleration to break the ceiling of laser cutting, and the speed of 300m/min to enter in a new future. 
HSG is committed to breaking the traditional manufacturing form, combining customer pain points to provide targeted laser intelligent solutions, leading the industry to launch ultra-high dynamic performance, highly reliable structural devices, rich intelligent modules, intelligent systems, automation devices and other integrated multi-function module collaboration application, redefining the new future of high-end laser cutting.
About HSG Laser

HSG Laser is a national high-tech enterprise who is dedicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solutions to customers all over the world. We focus on the field of laser intelligent equipment manufacturing with the concept of efficient, intelligent, environmental and compatible product development. 
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