1. Product Features:    
Construction machinery is the general term of construction machinery used for engineering construction, including excavation machinery, earth shoveling and transportation machinery, lifting machinery, compaction machinery, piling machinery, concrete machinery and pavement machinery, which are widely used in infrastructure construction in the fields of construction, water conservancy, electricity, roads, mines, ports and national defense. 
The parts of construction machinery are mostly processed by large-scale pipes and profiles. Traditional sawing and drilling are still the main production processes. The process is complex. Frequent transfer between different processes increases the labor intensity of workers and increases a large number of non production time, resulting in low production efficiency and high processing cost.

2. Technical Aadvantages: 
The TX65plus and TL500 laser pipe cutting machines of HSG laser are specially developed for the cutting of large-size pipes and profiles. They can realize the functions of cutting, opening, grooving and cutting any figure at the same time, which solves the problem that the traditional process can only be realized by multiple processing procedures. Improve efficiency, save labor and improve the machining accuracy of parts, help your enterprise to transform and upgrade production, and realize lean production.
3. Recommended Model: TX65Plus-Series: