Industry Applications

As one of the new material-cutting technologies, laser cutting has injected new vitality and convenience into the metal processing industry. Laser cutting uses a high-energy density laser beam to heat the workpiece for metal cutting. With the continuous improvement of metal processing requirements of various industries, laser cutting has become a hot new cutting technology in the world. Laser cutting is widely used in various industries due to its high efficiency, precise cutting characteristics, cost saving and advantages of ecological processing.

HSG laser cutting machine industry applications

Shipbuilding Industry

In recent years, the shipbuilding industry is mainly intelligent manufacturing, and the overall development trend is gradually toward the direction of rapid shipbuilding and precision shipbuilding. The ship manufacturing industry is mainly based on metal sheet processing, using laser cutting sheets. Compared with the traditional flame and plasma processing, laser slit is small, the incision surface perpendicality is good, the taper is small, the surface is smooth without hanging slag, no secondary processing, and the thermal deformation is small, meeting the needs of thick plate precise processing. Laser cutting machine will be applied in more shipbuilding enterprises in the future, and high power laser cutting machine is bound to be the future trend.

Recommended machines: GX Pro

Steel Construction Industry

Steel construction is widely used in industrial buildings, super high-rise buildings, public buildings, offshore platforms, bridges, and other fields. Steel construction has the advantages of a short construction period, low cost, good seismic performance, recyclability and ease of industrial production, etc. It belongs to the green, environmental protection, and energy-saving structure, and is widely used in industrial buildings around the world. The metal sheet and connecting sheet in steel structure can be processed by laser sheet cutting machine, and the H-beam and I-beam steel such as column and truss can be processed by laser tube cutting machine. Compared with flame and plasma cutting, the laser slit is small, the edge between the parts is less, the utilization rate of material typesetting is high, and the cost of materials is saved. With the rising cost of raw materials in the current market, the laser-cutting machine replaces flame cutting machine to boost the rapid development of the steel structure industry. HSG laser tube cutter and laser sheet cutter can meet the diverse cutting needs of the steel construction industry.

Recommended machines: GX Pro, TX

Automotive Manufacturing

With the continuous development of new energy vehicles, the automotive manufacturing industry is also developing with the progress of science and technology. Laser-cutting technology can be used in many processes of automotive manufacturing. For example, a 3D Five-axis laser cutting machine can effectively solve the hot forming parts of the car hole, and cutting edge problems. Using HSG's 3D Five-axis laser cutting machine, there is no stamping die is needed and the trial production cycle is short. Compared with traditional cutting methods, 3D Five-axis laser cutting technology can effectively reduce the cost of enterprises and improve production efficiency.
In addition to a 3D Five-axis laser cutting machine, a material rolling laser cutting machine is also a good helper in automobile manufacturing. HSG material rolling laser cutting machine can be used in the unwinding and blanking process of automobile high strength steel billet, double head synchronous cutting speed, production efficiency comparable to stamping blanking production line.

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Construction Machinery

With the rapid development of construction machinery industry, high-efficiency and high-quality manufacturing technology has become a new development direction in construction machinery field. The high-precision characteristic of laser cutting machine just meets the development demand of construction machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, in the field of construction machinery, the role of laser cutting machine is to provide differentiated cutting solutions according to the different needs of customers. In the process of sheet metal processing, using HSG laser cutting machine to cut the carbon steel bright surface is smooth, and the verticality is good. At the same time, the groove processing function can be customized according to the processing requirements to realize XYVK type groove one-time processing. In the process of metal tube processing, the HSG laser tube cutting machine can not only process conventional types of pipe, but also process profiles such as Angle steel, channel steel, H-section steel, cutting, punching, arbitrary graphics cutting molding, high speed and convenience. So in the field of construction machinery, laser cutting is being accepted and applied. With the continuous improvement of industry standards and the matching ability of laser cutting machine equipment, laser cutting technology will be applied in many links of construction machinery manufacturing on a large scale to promote the transformation and upgrade of construction machinery industry to intelligent manufacturing.

Recommended machines: GX Pro,TX

Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery is a variety of machinery used in the process of crop planting and animal husbandry production, as well as the primary processing and treatment of agricultural and animal products. With the continuous improvement of the level of agricultural machinery in the world, agricultural machinery products are developing rapidly, and the degree of automation of agricultural machinery is getting higher and higher. Due to the development of new agricultural machinery products, the types and updating speed of sheet metal processing parts of agricultural machinery products are very fast. The processing of traditional agricultural machinery parts has limited the development speed of agricultural machinery. Therefore, the advantages of agricultural machines using laser cutting technology to cut parts gradually appear. HSG laser cutting machine without mold, can cut any graphics by importing CAD. HSG laser cutting machines can greatly shorten the development cycle of agricultural machinery, improve the efficiency of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises, and reduce production costs. In addition, the HSG laser machine for different types of material cutting, provides professional cutting solutions, from thin sheets to thick sheets, from sheet to tube, and a full range of different metal material cutting.

Recommended machines: GX Pro, TX

Medical Equipment

In recent years, laser technology has been applied widely in the production of medical equipment. Due to the characteristics of high processing precision and fast speed, laser cutting machine has become a common production tool in the medical equipment industry. Metal supports such as wheelchairs, medical beds and surgical lamps can be cut by a laser tube cutting machine. HSG laser tube cutting machine can precisely cut metal pipes and keep clean incisions.

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Sports Equipment

The continuous expansion of fitness teams for fitness equipment manufacturers has brought strong business opportunities. Fitness equipment manufacturers have increased scientific and technological innovation, efforts to improve product quality and strengthen the ability of independent research and development. Treadmills, spinning cycles, barbell bar frames, Roman benches, dumbbell frames, weight lifting frames, and other types of fitness equipment products are constantly enriched to meet the growing needs of people for fitness. Laser technology as an advanced processing technology has been gradually applied to fitness equipment processing. HSG laser tube cutting machine can achieve tube cutting, hole cutting, and arbitrary pattern cutting. Compared with the traditional sawing, drilling, and stamping process, laser cutting can reduce the processing process, reduce a lot of equipment investment, and save the site and labor costs.

Recommended machines: TS, R3/R3 Plus

Furniture Industry

With the Nordic style decoration, Italian simple style decoration and other popular styles, furniture material is no longer limited to wood, cloth and other traditional furniture materials. Metal furniture has become a new trend of furniture fashion, marking bold, fashion. Metal furniture mostly uses metal pipes as the main frame or bracket. Laser tube cutting machine has significant application advantages in the processing of metal pipes. In addition to processing conventional metal round pipes and square pipes, HSG laser tube cutting machine can also process a variety of special-shaped pipes such as water drop pipe, D-shaped pipe, triangular pipe, etc., which adds more modeling and diversity to the product design of furniture industry and inject new experience and different home life for modern home decoration.

Recommended machines: TM, TS


In the advertising industry, the market demand is rising rapidly, and the advertising industry is developing rapidly. The commonly used materials in the advertising industry are stainless steel-based metal materials and acrylic-based non-metallic materials, stainless steel and other metal materials can be cut by laser cutting machine. HSG laser cutting machine can meet the advertising industry with different materials, sizes, and shapes of metal advertising words for cutting. Flexible and fast is one of the advantages of the HSG laser cutting machine. Once imported parts graphics, the system can automatically typeset and cut any graphics. In addition, the laser cutting machine cutting section is smooth and there is no need for secondary processing. Therefore, production and processing efficiency is further improved.

Recommended machines: GX

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