Success Stories

Success stories

Join with C Company, to create a new benchmark wind energy

一一'The reasons we choose HSG are simple, the first is technology, and the second is service.'
HSG laser in wind energy industry

Wind Energy Industry: C Company

Challenge: The traditional cutting method has low efficiency. Improved results: The cutting quality has been greatly improved, especially solved the problem of high accuracy of the locking of cutting section steel, convenient for the subsequent welding. Moreover, the processing efficiency is significantly improved, with high quality cutting effect.

Model: TX

HSG laser equipment solves difficulties of section bar processing

一一'The accuracy of our products made with laser equipment has improved significantly.'
HSG laser in elevator industry

Elevator Industry: U Company

Challenge: The difficulty factor of section bar processing is large. Section bar drilling depends on the processing technology of workers, and the processing procedure is complex. Improved results: Laser cutting helps U Company to achieve intelligent section bar processing, simplify processing procedures, improve the precision of drilling, and the quality of product processing.

Model: GX, TX Plus

Fine processing assists the manufacture of medical device

一一'HSG products have stable quality and the timely after-sale services to assist the sustainable development of company.'
HSG laser in medical industry

Medical Industry: K Company

Challenge: Before technology transformation, the technology of processing is complex and hard to achieve high standards. Improved results: HSG products assist K company to improve processing precision and achieve a significant improvement of product processing results.

Model: GX, GT Pro , TS, TM

HSG laser cutting ensures high-quality products

一一'After using HSG products, the processing efficiency is significantly improved.'
HSG laser in architectural construction industry

Architectural Construction Industry: F Company

Challenge: The traditional cutting technique has low efficiency and a negative influence on productivity of the enterprise. Improved results: By using the laser cutting equipment of HSG, the company improves the processing efficiency significantly and productivity to reduce time costs.

Model: GT Pro

Professional beveling cutting technology creates various products

一一'HSG's tube laser cutting machine brings us in a new level.'
HSG laser in oem industry

OEM Industry: D Company

Challenge: Products from the company need strong beveling processing skills. The traditional processing needs manual cutting, leading to the low cutting efficiency and uneven cutting results. Improved results: HSG has professional beveling cutting skills. The self-developed tube beveling cutting head can achieve 0-45°beveling cutting to help to satisfy the beveling cutting demand easily.

Model: TPS

Patented chuck technology to solve the problem of tube cutting

一一'HSG is a trustworthy brand.'
HSG laser in prefabricate structure manufacturing industry

Prefabricate Structure Manufacturing Industry: R Company

Challenge: The chucks of the original tube cutting equipment is too soft to have high stability, and can not fix the tube well. Improved results: HSG tube laser cutting machine has a variety of chuck modes to ensure the stability of the tube in processing and improve the cutting efficiency.

Model: TX, TL

HSG professional section-bar cutting technology solves cutting difficulties

一一‘The mechanical processes level of HSG satisfies our production process.’
HSG laser in ceramic machine industry

Ceramic Machine Industry: K Company

Challenge: The splicing gap is easy to appear after the profile cutting which affects the quality of products. Improved results: HSG heavy-duty tube laser cutting machine with section-bar rabbet cutting technology, can achieve tight fit to further improve product quality, specializing in I-beam, H-beam, channel, and other profiles.

Model: TX, GT Pro , GX Pro

Intelligent operation Assists heavy-duty tube cutting easily

一一'Now only simple lifting is needed, with little effort.'
HSG laser in heavy machinery industry

Heavy Machinery Industry: S Company

Challenge: Previous cutting technology needs large manpower to load material , leading to processing time and workforce waste. Heavy-duty tube cutting is restricted to technologies leading to long cutting time and complicated cutting skills. Improved results: HSG semi-automatic loading system solves the difficult problem of traditional heavy-duty tube processing so that the loading time is cut down. TL500 majors in dealing with the heavy-duty tube cutting difficulties, assisting S company to solve the difficulty and improve productivity.

Model: TL

Super comprehensive properties satisfy different production needs

一一'The products from HSG help us in efficient and stable production.'
HSG laser in chemical industry

Chemical Industry: T Company

Challenge: Daily large sheet beveling processing demand is increasing gradually, products need a variety of shape cutting, and customers attach importance to green and environmental protection processing. Improved result: GF series large-format sheet beveling laser cutting machine can achieve 0-45° beveling cutting, process X/Y/K/V and other shapes to meet customers' multi-shape processing needs. The equipment is equipped with a sectional ventilation system to maintain a clean processing environment.

Model: GFA

HSG facilitates the technological upgrading and development of ship construction

一一'Equipment is the primary productivity, laser cutting can help shipbuilding.'
HSG laser in shipbuilding industry

Shipbuilding Industry: H Company

Challenge: The high speed of industry development needs the update of equipment. The previous metal processing equipment cannot satisfying the manufacturing needs of company. Improved results: HSG high-power laser cutting improves the cutting speed of deck of boat effectively and the current cutting speed has a significant improvement. The upgradation of equipment plays a positive role in H company development.

Model: GFA

The high-power cutting technique achieves thick sheet cutting

一一'Use of high-power cutting machine helps us solve thick sheet cutting problems.'
HSG laser in stereo garage construction industry

Stereo Garage Construction Industry: S Company

Challenge: The construction of stereo garages needs several thick sheets. Traditional plasma cutting or flame cutting has low cutting efficiency, serious material waste, and the large taper of cutting sections. Improved results: After using HSG high-power laser cutting machine, the difficulty of thick sheets cutting is easily worked out. The machine helps the company improve cutting efficiency and decrease time costs.

Model: GT Pro

HSG injects new energy in steel construction industry

一一'HSG is our right choice.'
HSG laser in steel construction industry

Steel Construction Industry: H Company

Challenge: The demand for metal processing is large and the demand for thick sheet processing is high. The existing metal processing methods can not meet the demand for metal processing. Improved results: HSG high-power laser cutting technology helps H company to process large quantities of thick sheets and improve the speed of metal working. Products processed by HSG laser technology have been widely recognized by the society.

Model: GT Pro

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